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Concept the giant robot with a man inside


First steps made the giant controlled by person robot Method-2, the brainchild of Future Technology mysterious South Korean company and the designer Vitaly Bulgarova, that helped develop a bipedal robot for Boston Dynamics and special effects in the film "Transformers".Method-2 reaches a height of four meters, weighs 1.5 tons, at the torso his  is located cabin the pilot.On assurance of devel...

Concept kinetic generator in the form of a film to recharge gadgets


To us have repeatedly demonstrated the developments, which are able to collect kinetic energy from the movements of the person, than to continue to use it to recharge portable and other gadgets. It seems that the staff at Michigan State University have progressed the furthest in establishing such a system. This is the so-called bio-compatible nano ferro-electric generator, which is very flexible a...

Concept diamond battery of the nuclear waste


A recent scientists study revealed found,that the cold nuclear wastes can be an effective source of clean energy. To prove the viability of the idea, experts at Bristol University have created a battery that runs on the radiation wastes. Researchers have established that if an artificial diamond is placed in close proximity to the radiation source, it allows you to receive current. Such diamonds c...

Concept of the rapid transit system Hyperloop One


It seems that the first country that can boast of having a high-speed of the transport system Hyperloop One will be the UAE, which is not surprising when you consider the scale of the introduction of modern technologies in the region. The project has already received the support of the state, but requires private investment, which would help in a timely manner and on a grand scale to realize our p...

Concept the humanoid robot, that is able to sweat


To solve the problem of overheating the internal parts of the robot, engineers often develop complex and very expensive cooling system. Japanese researchers approached the problem creatively and have created a robot that ... sweats. Progress on the modern technology market - it's a battle between what is working well and what is the cheapest way to produce on an industrial scale. As a rule,wins re...

Hydrogel: versatile material of the future

Future technology Hydrogel-versatile material of the future

Hydrogel, no doubt, is a material of the future. Materials based on it are often the subject of experiments in the scientific community. They are already used to cool the heated building, to create a more durable condoms and exoskeleton to grow. Today we will tell you about,on what is still capable a hydrogel.Hydrogel - a substance consisting of polymers swelling in water to form a gel-like materi...

Future of the insulating materalov

Future tecfhnology Future of the insulating materalov

Everyone knows that the web - it is a miracle material, unique in nature. Every year, scientists are studying the amazing features of this masterpiece of nature, making new discoveries. Recently it became known that spider silk shares some useful properties of semiconductors, except, that instead of manipulating the electrons,he can be used to control thermal and sound waves.The web can block cert...

Concept sports car on fuel cells

Future technology Concept sports car on fuel cells

Pininfarina H2 Speed. This is a very the impressive-looking sports car.Conceptual model is created the Italian Pininfarina and Swiss GreenGT. A key feature of the new items - an unusual engine. It's about power plant on hydrogen - with 2 motors and the fuel cell unit.This configuration provides a power of 370 kW (500 hp). This allows us to disperse the car to 300 km / h. Pininfarina H2 Speed 100 k...

Scientists presented the most powerful camera in the world

Future technology Scientists presented the most powerful camera in the world

3.2 gigapixel camera will be installed at the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope in Chile. To show a picture taken by her, needed 1500 HD TV screen. The device weighs 3 tons and is the size of a small car. With these capacities telescope can observe more galaxies than people on Earth.Powerful camera will as heart for of the Big Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST), which is just being built and should be...

The world’s first robotic Hotel

Future technology The world's first robotic Hotel

In the theme park Japanese city of Sasebo earned Hotel  Henn-na. "Strange hotel" (so translated from Japanese) became the first institution in the world, in which service personnel are all kinds of robots. From the moment you arrive at the hotel,  guests are greeted three concierge - Tyrannosaurus, classic robot and an android girl. They speak Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English. In ad...