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Concept the clever bottle

Blufit - a very interesting project. Smart water bottle that helps you stay healthy by working with your phone to make sure you drink enough water. It is a water tank with multiple sensors. When you connect to your phone, you will learn how much water do you drink per day. Information about the temperature and humidity can regulate the daily fluid intake. Blufit executed in a safe plastic case, in...

Concept smart glove with a projector

Here futuristic concept of smart gloves. The device allows you to make calls, take pictures, and browse through the different content built-in projector. All functions are controlled by gestures. Perhaps something like the Hand-Tech glove might become possible in the distant future, but it is immediately not achievable given today’s technology levels. Still, the concept offers a glimpse of what ...

Concept Two in one – a chair and the washing machine

Devices such as the "two in one" can hardly surprise anyone, when there has long been gadgets of class "more in one." However, at creative designers there is life in the old dog yet when they create such masterpieces, as here. The concept, presented from the designer Antonina. Her last name is unknown. The gadget represents the wildest mix of devices you've ever seen - it's a...

Concept USB Drive

This is a very interesting gadget, with which is very convenient copy files from a flash drive on a USB flash drive. It is just a concept, but the device is promising, as it avoids the use of a computer as an intermediary. Device semi-circular, more like a horseshoe. At the ends of it are two USB-ports for the two flash drives or hard drives, and the upper part of the body is a touch screen. The...

«The world’s first" mouse, combined with the touchpad

Except new tablets, hybrids and PCs Asus introduced a rather interesting device - VivoMouse, mouse, combined with the touchpad. The device the curved and rather unusual shape in a metal case together the round touchpad and sensor, that recognizes multiple simultaneous touches, and a laser sensor the conventional laser mouse, located on the bottom. (more…)

Non-contact measurement of heart rate

Experts from Fujitsu developed a technology,that allows you to measure the frequency of the human heart by analyzing video in real-time person. Principle is to measure the amount of blood circulating in the superficial blood vessels. This is achieved by measuring the absorption of light skin face. To display the results enough five seconds. (more…)

Ultimate Confluence of Technologies-LifeHub

Lucid Design has come up with something that we are generally accustomed to think of as some extraterrestrial tech or some Sci-Fi movie flick. LifeHub by Lucid Design is in its truest sense, the confluence of multiple technologies that marks the beginning of a new era and annihilates many other technologies. Amazingly, this one compact gadget boasts the abilities of seven different devices. L...

3D Mouse of the Future

The 3DConnexion-SpaceIlluminator-Mouse - 3D Mouse of the Future. 3D mouse, engineered to excel in today's most demanding software environments. With an advanced ergonomic design and innovative On-screen Display 3DConnexion-SpaceIlluminator-Mouse delivers superior comfort and a simpler, more productive workflow.   (more…)

Concept widescreen printer

I'd like to print on large paper size. In this case, you want to use this printer, which is placed on a tabletop. Here can see the concept of such a printer. Compact printer model will solve the problem of lack of space on the office desk. Its body has a sliding telescopic design. This allows you to print even drawings in A2 format. You'll also get a handy touchscreen color LCD display to navigate...

Future LED Chess

Chess isn’t perhaps everyone’s favourite game and it doesn’t have to be either. What with all the pawns, the rules and the “intellectual” sounding players who go on about all the moves and strategies like it were the World War III! Well, if you are a chess lover, here is a geeky version of the immaculately boring chess board and this one comes with LED lights. The WU& a Chess Set ...