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Concept a new type of sailing vessel

The Norwegian design firm Lade AS introduced the concept of a new type of ship, which moves with the wind. According to the creators, the ship Vindskip will have a high vertical body, which will to act as rigid sail. The effectiveness of the design is based on the principle of aerodynamic lift and using weather data. The vessel will be able to chart a course, using the wind with maximum efficiency...

Concept superfine Touch Wireless Keyboard

The company CSR has developed a flexible wireless membrane, thickness of 0.5 mm, which is using Bluetooth 4.0. Allows provide for virtually any portable device a full-fledged portable touch-sensitive the surface, A device looks like a sheet of paper. Novelty has a signal delay of 12 ms and can be a serious competitor technology Microsoft Surface. In future will support for iOS 7, Windows 8, and po...

Concept Plexus: shirt – chameleon

Looking at the abundance of various clothes in the store is very difficult to be aware of what is in fashion. The life of modern man is extremely saturated. Require different variations of clothing depending on the time and place,where you want to go. Every day is necessary to meet with dozens of people . The character of these places and people can change dramatically, and therefore, we have to t...

Innovative Stroller-bike for modern moms

This new original bike, which also can be a stroller, making it easy to drive even in public transportation (subway, bus). In addition you can freely go shopping, visit the cafe. With the bike do it very uncomfortable, but if it becomes a regular stroller, then with this problem can easily handle. And as soon as the need bike - 20 seconds, and your stroller into a convenient means of transportati...

The desk of the future

Now that the iPad has been formally announced, let’s take it a step further with this iDesk. Actually, the technology that you see in this picture is called the Pictionaire, and it is under development by Microsoft Research and the University of California, Berkeley. (more…)