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Innovative device FoldiMate


It is unlikely, that someone gets pleasure from ironing and folding clothes after washing. But today these routine cases can be eliminated by entrusting the care of their own wardrobe by assistant robot. Developers innovative device promise, that the new home gadget will everything ironed and neatly stacked. Only  all need will expanded in a cabinet on the shelves.Each faced a problem, when n...

Concept the Dynamic Seismic Hotel


The Dynamic Seismic Hotel’s design focuses on zoned programmatic areas, which separate and slide away from each other in the event of an earthquake. The areas constructed from a lightweight aluminum frame with pre-cast concrete and recycled plastic polymer panels make it easier to move them away from each other and move through the tremor for easier displacement.The rectangular seismic damper fr...

Futuristic concept car Audi with an unusual companion


Automakers to please their fans, do not forget to let the related products, such as caps, T-shirts, jackets, key rings, accessories for cars, and other things, which adorns the logo of the company. Designer took into account this fact and developed a vision of the future of racing cars in the project Audi Future Le Mans Vision. For concept car made designer shoes,as by Tony Stark and by repeating ...

Concept 2030 Pagani Ganador


It presents a concept car with wind turbines in the wheels“Pagani on Le Mans!” And a cars,which involved in these races - can becoming a marker of development of those or other technologies, the quality of the engine oil and gasoline, convenience salons, wear resistance of advanced materials in the construction of cars and buses. On the following race a designer Igor Zhukovsky offered his own ...

Innovative Three-wheeled electric recumbent

Future technology Innovative Three-wheeled electric recumbent

PEBL - the amusing foot-electric recumbent, who is able to claim to be the best "green" a means to get around the city or outside the city into the countryside. Three-wheeled vehicles equipped with an electric motor of 750 watts and can be used with or instead of the pedal drive. In throttling mode when the driver is not pedaling, PEBL accelerates to a top speed of 32 km / h. Two-three-hour charge...

Innovative brush for cleaning the teeth

Future technology Innovative brush for cleaning the teeth

Group inventors created a brush for the teeth, which allows you to clean your teeth in just a few seconds. To date, the device has no analogues. It is very simple and accessible. Caries - a very ambiguous dental disease. According to recent studies, 90% of men and women over 40 years meets caries. Blame the fact that the conventional brush for cleaning the teeth is not very good cope with their ta...

Floating futuristic house

Future technology Floating futuristic house

This the unusual futuristic vessel has designed an Italian company Jet Capsule, specializing in the production of mini-yachts. The floating structure looks like a space object, namely, the planet Saturn. The two-story vessel, which have called UFO (Unidentified Floating Object), has a diameter of 12.5 m, a garden and jogging track on the "deck", desalination of sea water, hydro and wind generators...

Unmanned truck of future

Future technology Unmanned truck of future

Auto companies already in full are developing unmanned road management systems and in the near future autonomous vehicles could flood our roads. With the development of this trend in place of our usual trucks should come new machines, which, without direct human intervention and forced stops on holiday will be able to overcome the planned routes. The designer has developed its own concept of the t...

Sintra Solar – innovative solar battery

Future technology Sintra Solar - innovative solar battery

Modern homes are literally crammed appliances of all functions and calibres. It is not surprising that the average electricity bill every year increases almost exponentially. Perhaps soon thrifty citizens begin to seriously think about how to reduce energy costs. Of course, no one will be sitting less at the computer or will less charge your smartphone. But begin to use alternative sources of ener...

Innovative Bike

Future technology Innovative Bike

Nowadays everything evolves, even the most seemingly,the usual things. A group of enthusiastic engineers, ignoring the opinion that "it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel", has created a futuristic model,that to accelerate to maximum speed literally for three seconds.Italians are known worldwide for its pasta and bullfights, and now declared themselves as creators and innovative bicycle. Devel...