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Electronic Mosquito Repeller

E-Coil (Electronic mosquito coil) uses ultrasound and light to scare away the mosquitoes. Traditional coil besides the burning can exude an unpleasant odor, which is not only annoying adults, but can be harmful to children. LED light operates, as circles burning up, showing, how much charge is left in the battery. (more…)

Concept Hydroponic plant PlanTree

Hydroponic plant PlanTree designed specifically for urban apartments. The vertical system allows water to circulate around the circle, feeding pots with plants. Seeds or seedlings are substitutes soil consisting of mineral wool and coir. The simple interface allows you to adjust the acidity, humidity, light and other settings to get a good harvest. The design of this concept allows cultivation of ...

Concept Audi Nexus with the heart of the machine and soul motorcycle

The range of modern vehicles does not change , only updated specifications , and the forms are the same. In this sense, the present stream of fresh air is a joint project of artists Audi Design Concept Studio and studio with the original name KISKA. The work is called Audi Nexus. Audi Nexus is device, on which sit astride,as on the regular bike. Only front and rear located two wheels . This impl...

Concept Bucket on solar energy

If you love the outdoors, then you know that the problem of warm water takes a long time. At first glance it is a simple bucket, but if you see him turn over a number of solar panels that collect energy from the sun during the day. This bucket works as a multi-functional tool. The stored energy can be used for charging the built-in lamp or for heat water.  A genius idea! (more…)

Concept device: Music Yue relaxes and soothes

Music Yue - this converter noise,which solves problem of stress of noise pollution in urban areas. For example, you can convert the noise from the train tracks in the pleasant melody. Music Yue use motion detection to play, pause, forward or rewind. Simple hand and finger gestures will allow you to control the Music Yue the way you want.  It is tempting! (more…)

Concept Electronic marker spray

This is a new conceptual tool for artists. It is a small spray bottle with three colors of ink cartridges, which allows achieve by mixing  the desired color, which then can be stored on the built-in map SD. Charging a gadget is with using USB-hub. Imagine the perfect subject for drawing, which includes a full palette of colors and a few tools of Adobe CS. Pluma - a special pen that is equip...

Innovative cup with a temperature sensor

Agree that it's very frustrating when in a hurry grab a glass, hoping that there is a cool drink, and then scalding a lips, tongue - in short, the entire oral cavity. Not only did it hurt, so more and unexpectedly. Or vice versa - if you want to drink lukewarm, and reduces a teeth from the icy beverage. In both cases, it is quite unpleasant. But there is a way out. Thanks to cutting-edge technol...

A Concept system – a Air Shower

The Air Shower is Designed to Make Towels a Thing of the Past Towels may forever become a thing of the past if the Air Shower goes from concept to reality. Very UNIQUE. The Dyson Air Shower is first of its kind that transforms into a heat dryer from a shower head. So, once you rinse off using the water, you can use the hot air from the Dyson Air Shower to dry yourself quickly and prevent the wat...

Concept Tactile projection interface

In last year's in classic action movie "Total Recall" one of the most memorable moments was implanted in the man's hand a mobile phone. This is quite convenient, it is always charged and always available, and is comfortable enough to use it, jabbing a finger in the palm of the other hand. To such an extent modern technology has not yet reached, but already appeared their prototype. Sci...

Concept a password in the form of a tattoo on his arm

Many parents, for sure, against the tattoos on the body. And no matter how much their child years, a parents drawings on the body  do not exactly approve. Instead, all parents are worried about is, that we nothing not forget. Password, for example. And here's an idea from Motorola can change completely attitude towards tattoos. (more…)