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Cellphone concept designed to be powered by solar energy

The 3D Mobile Phone is the brainchild of industrial designer Petr Kubik, who wants to add a bit of sustainability to your endless chatters with renewable solar energy. The concept features an expandable touchscreen display that slides out to better the experience of the user. A layer of photovoltaic cells has been included on the back of each slide panel to juice up the device from renewable en...

Charger powered by solar energy

We reported about the solar bonsai-inspired charger concept by Vivien Muller back in 2008 and the product has now evolved and is being produced by a small family-run company. Dubbed Electree, the solar charger features leaves of photovoltaic panels that allow users to recharge mobile devices using renewable energy. The structure consists of 42 solar cells and the energy produced by the panels i...