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Concept ASUS Z3 VENOM Gaming Phone

If there’s one company that should be making gaming phones, that’s certainly ASUS, since they have so much experience with the ROG products. This device is the upgraded version of the ASUS ZII Poseidon concept phone. This is a handset for extreme gamers and it comes with high end specs and kickass acoustics, that include 4 front firing speakers, for ultimate gaming and video. ASUS Z3 Venom pac...

Concept of the Alienware gaming smartphone with a curved screen

The theme of gaming smartphones continues to interest engineers and designers. True, what exactly will distinguish "just" the top mobile phone from the "game", it's difficult to think up. One option is to create a "thematic" design: futuristic, for example. Then you can slightly change the form and come up with a rationale for these changes. While the idea of a flexible phone isn’t new, the idea...

Concept gaming smartphone

Although Nintendo has no plans in the near future to release its own smartphone, it does not prevent third-party designers to dream on the theme of "if". Here a concept smartphone Wii M. However, their appearance a device is more like on the  portable consoles. Housing Wii U has smooth rounded edges, characteristic of the controller from the console Wii U. The product received two leaving par...