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"Snail" Braille Reader: Syncs with a Bluetooth Headset

Features like kinetic recharging and pressure sensitive reading make it the ideal companion for a bookworm. The Snail can record the text as it reads for future playback and it even syncs with a Bluetooth headset so the visually impaired can listen to the book without disturbing others. (more…)

Innovative Watch: Beats by Dr.Dre

Unfold the watch and put your wrist adjusting the bracelet like the headphone on your head. Feel the small cushions against your wrist and just tell the time. The concept watch is totally taken from the Beats by Dr.Dre headphones particularities from the main style and colors to the functions. (more…)

Portable GPS system and music player

Designers Jukka Roitto, Miska Vaisanen, and Jordan Siegler have seen the road map to the future, and it sits on your wrist. It has a name that's crystal clear even to the geographically challenged: Seek. This Minority Report-like wristband concept packs a portable GPS system and music player all in one--though given how power-hungry GPS units are, you might not want to drain that battery pack tuni...

Concept future innovation – Google Magnify

Google Magnify is the latest concept to be created by Anh Nguyen. This concept began with a funny email that he had been going around the office at his work. He went up to their intern, who just happened to be from France, before realizing that he would have a tough time reading it. After a little bit of confusion, the intern just copy and pasted the entire email into Google Translate and was crac...

Smartphone concept Philips Fluid

With modern gadgets getting smaller and better to replace the jewelry or fashion accessories, the contemporary jewelry designers may have to face a tough time in the days to come. Yesterday we covered the Bricell Jewelry Phone  in the blog, and now it’s time for another stylish gadget to tickle the trendy users. Conceived by Brazilian designer Dinard da Mata, the “Fluid” is a smartphone con...