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Concept of acoustics unusual shape Samsung

Samsung Electronics has announced a number of new audio devices. among the novelties are present products soundbar for TVs with the curved screen.The first audio novelty Samsung - WAM7500 / 6500 - detached speaker with a "panoramic" sound. Unlike conventional speakers, outstanding sound in one direction, the sound waves throughout the room. This has been achieved thanks to technology Ring Radiator...

Concept Smarty ring

The idea of ​​combining smartphones, which increase in size with the compact and handy gadget is haunted many inventors. For this reason, we have seen many diverse smart hours, but these have not been comfortable. New fashion trend - the smart ring. One of the first such devices is may Smarty Ring . This ring has the necessary controls a majority of smartphone features and LED- display, which ...

Concept Samsung Galaxy Watch

Recently, a lot of rumors about the hours-helpers. There are reports that Apple and Samsung are developing a device of this kind. Therefore, designer Mohammad Mehdi Azimi,who designs creative and beautiful smartphone concepts, now released his latest imagination of Samsung galaxy watch concept . Watch seems to be modern and uses the same interface of galaxy S4. Blue color leather belt and bigger v...