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Concept external hard drive with display

An external hard drive called Data Pouch - 2018 helps protect sensitive information through touch screen. Entering the password can be patterned. A options are almost endless. A display is also used to display the free space and occupied space. The process of transferring data from one hard drive to another occurs without interaction with the computer, which is very convenient. This nifty gadget. ...

Concept Smart TV with independent panel

What's a Smart TV? Well it's a smarter way to consolidate into one place all the things you can, and in my opinion should, be doing with a TV. It makes it easy to get around, find content, and do what you want, when you want Combining a television with an independent panel (optional) in a common frame, this  a Smart TV, full 3D HD LED, which apart from being a smart television also function...

Snaplet paper computers and paperphone!

A team of researchers at the human multimedia lab at queen's university in canada have created two fully functional paper computing devices, 'paperphone' and 'snaplet' wrist computer, controlled by bending their screens. capable of use as a phone, music player, book reader, and navigator, the 'paperphone' prototype is composed of a 3.7-inch flexible electrophoretic display, underlain with a layer ...