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Concept MATCHBOX – A dream for architects!

A work desk with symbolical name for architects and designers of all varieties. Our attempt to return to the Robotron/Reiss tables - a drawing by hand. Of course in this case, you will not need Rotring or black ink, only electric power and … comfortable chair (in the near future ). The desk features a touchscreen work area. This implies that you can actually work with only your fingers on this d...

Concept Time In A Bracelet!

The magnificent clock bracelet! More like a piece of jewelry of silver and gold!  With a vivid colored LCD display to show the time and date with a subtle, discreet touch of the finger. A sharp watch design with clean lines, the bracelet tapers from front to back and appears to have a retractable clasp so that the design wraps around your wrist. The time is viewed on the small circular medallion ...

New five finger mouse – Amenbo concept!

Double Research & Development Co. has developed a five finger input device for complete hand recognition. Called "amenbo". This new five finger mouse has the capability of tracking each and every minute movements of fingers and thumbs along with the capacity to recognize the pressures exerted on mouse by fingers and sending the same to the computer.  (more…)

Concept Smart toothbrush and mirror !

Your teeth want to live long. You want your teeth remain healthy and strong. How  this do? There is an incredible concept smart new toothbrush and a mirror. The sensors of the smart toothbrush scan and send information to the attached mirror that shows you the process on screen. So, you can track information as you brush and ensure that you clean all critical areas , prone to  accumulating plaqu...

Concept mobile phone P-Per!

Very good concept mobile phone. The Chocolate Agency released this a concept. A mobile phone is composed of four thin layers, a circuit board, lycarbonate, titanium, and one that is a wrap-around LED touch screen. It’s the wrap-around screen that gives the manufacturer endless options for user choices  (more…)

The WALL Kitchen – this kitchenModular concept!

You go into the kitchen and see only an interesting wall and empty space. Totally functional kitchen  appears out of nowhere; using a remote control. A single touch on the wall and cupboards / fridge / oven appear. After closing, again, is only a wall. A truly innovative kitchen, that opens up when you needed and hides to become a wall when not in use.  This kitchenModular. A wall-mounted kitch...

Digital watch Chro.mo!

Beautiful watch on his arm will always create the perfect mood and attract attention! David Alejandro Gonzalez and Solis-developed digital watches that look super and dubbed them Chro.mo. It looks like a bacelet and has a very attractive facade. This digital watch would be made in stainless steel and powered with miniature photovoltaic cells. It was designed in Alias Studio Tools. The watch shows...

Concept Solar Panel Powered Laptop PC!

This wireless device is cable-free, powered by nature, and represent the future for a sustainable development focused on user’s real needs. After mega earthquake in Japan, the designer realized how important to develop natural self-powered devices for the future. (more…)

WARP – concept urban landscape!

WARP is visualization for clean and green spaces that are self sustainable. With its ingeniousness, it will cake concrete areas with a green coating, which will comprise of both recreational and nutritional vegetation. Urbanization has depleted forest areas, which has further given birth to a lot of problems. This is a sad situation and needs to be changed now. Deforestation adds to the pollution ...

Concept ‘integral cord’ !

What if the display of your future lifebook was as flexible as possible? with 'integral cord' you can easily manipulate your computer screen to your desired size and shape, making it adaptable to any working or social situation. if you want to see your favorite movie on a small screen in the subway, or present your pictures to a large audience or if you need multiple screens at the same time, coil...