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ModuLAB – computer class of future!

Computer labs are nothing but a place choked with PC’s, laptops, CPU’s etc. which makes the room look jam-packed with gadgets. Changing this site will be ModuLAB, “The New Experience of Learning” which will without much effort change the traditional concept into the computer lab of the year 2015.  Co- designed by Ala`a Alghufaili and Junjie Piao in collaboration with DELL, the whole conce...

Power Flower for clean energy generation.

Whenever we think about renewable wind energy harnessing, those noisy, ubiquitous three-bladed behemoths come to our minds. But nothing in the dictum of green technology says that it can’t be sensibly graceful and utterly practical in its conception. And that is exactly what the Amsterdam-based firm NL Architects has uniquely come up with - an artistically conceived compact wind turbine that is ...

Transparent Tune Holders.

iAqua iPhone Dock is Clearly the Best Thing For Your Music. Remember those cool music visualizers you’d have on your old computers that would turn every song into a techno-colored acid trip? It was the best part of the music listening experience on a PC and now the iAqua iPhone Dock is bringing it back with a vengeance.Part music visualizer and part iTunes commercial, the iAqua iPhone Dock ch...

Future Photography in a really Small Lens.

The Funamizu is back with another concept. The idea revolves around a lens system that is totally self contained with everything needed to take SLR quality photos. It wirelessly transmits the images to a hub device – in this case, a transparent screen. (more…)

FiiL cellphone, Touchscreen Interface Concept!

Touchscreen interface offering great flexibility to mobile users has just brought about a revolution in the cellphone industry. After touchscreen, now Tangible User Interface (TUI) allowing users to interact with digital information through the physical environment could well be the next big thing, though in a couple of decades, in the mobile phone market. In an attempt to give physical form to di...

Tubular kitchen!

From a wiring to cook-tops, today’s complicated kitchen comes included with flattering hi-tech things to have in progress a cherishing experience. Well, time to check out a cold rolling kitchen! The Tubular kitchen by Diana Dumitrescu is a countertop that’s done up of sold material, morphologically changed by electromagnetism. You simply need to give commands as well as it cleans up a disaster...

Phone Concept Trypoxy !

There is a new concept phone from Miyazawa Tetsu and Ichimura Shigenori called Typoxy Phone. Typoxy Phone is combine the look of a smooth pebble for the ultimate web browsing experience, an intuitive touchscreen, and a hand-hold that actually extends from the back of the device. (more…)

Edge Mediaspace – future technology devices

Edge Mediaspace is a concept for the new generation of media spaces. It takes a bold step and brings cutting edge technology to the next level of media consumption. The unique edge setup allows for advanced applications and delivers features like 3D chat and realsize live experience. With the new remote control, that has been reduced to a single functional button, the user gets perfect control ov...