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Concept clock-Personal organizer

  Good thing for freelance workers with flexible schedules. It approaches time in a diferent manner without the strict visualization of hours and needles. It works 2.0 devices allowing the user to upload different schedules to their agenda,the clock displays the daily activities  and their duration. Almost programmable clock! (more…)

Concept of the tractor of the future

Probably all have a general idea of ​​tractors.  It can be assumed, if the changes will affect the future of transport in general, can change and agricultural machinery. Designer Prithu Paul has developed the concept of the tractor, which no one has ever seen. And at first glance may not immediately realize that shown by transport is a tractor of the future. (more…)

Innovative gadget – Athena concept tablet

British industrial designer Tim Chouji to train (Tim Chege) introduced the concept of a Tablet PC Athena, which is positioned as an alternative which has become famous before they start selling Microsoft Surface. The device is distinguished by a smooth curved lines and a removable compartment cover silicone touch keyboard. The curved building Tablet PC - it is not only design but also practical er...

Innovative Ringbow Game Controlle

Despite its stunning success, the market for touchscreen gaming is still in its infancy, as game developers to continue to innovate on the new platform. If you want more convenient control method, the following Ringbow game controller should be a nice solution. Controller hopes to change how we play mobile games. (more…)

Compact turntable concept

This concept is not DJs, but only for music lovers. The player is made in a minimalist design, and also combines the old and the latest technology - it can broadcast the audio on the playback device via DLNA technology and Airplay. (more…)

Concept a flying washing machine 2050

The future - when all will be able to fly. Flying machines, flying people, flying animals, and so on. And even a flying washing machine. Where do without them. It is concept washing machine in 2050. This washing machine will not only fly in the air, it does not even require any water. The concept is called Orbit, and it will be a sphere that levitates inside the ring, using superconductivity magne...

Concept TPM – HELIUM “The Easy Phone”

Designer Imran Sheikh presented the concept is very original communicator. TPM HELIUM “The Easy Phone” has an operating system Android 4.0.  Helium is about the same length as the Galaxy S III. Keypad design is Original to comfortably access keys in small area, the keys are rotated to “Grip Angle”, the headphones design is original and is a “QUAD HEADPHONE Design” ie two speakers ...

Concept Unusual vertical ship

French architect Jacques Ruzhri developed a draft of the vessel, most of which is hidden under water. Construction of an unusual vertical tower on the water will begin later this year. Half of the 51-meter vertical vessel is immersed in water. In this case the height is much greater than the length (21 m) and width (9.8 m). So why need the top of the serving? As is well known divers, stay underwat...

Concept Mini-Cams for Pets

Many pet owners often wonder where their furry friends go when they go outside on their own. Mini pet cameras are devices that allow you to capture images or video of your pet's travels throughout the day. Concept of a compact camera that is mounted on the collar. The device will learn all about the adventures of a pet in the past few days. For synchronization is port USB.  These shouldn't bo...

Concept futuristic Kitchen for 2025

Forecast for the near future, say in 2025. As they say the designers, the kitchen will have a size of no more than a table. This futuristic kitchen is a single unit, which includes a table for cutting, stove and sink. Using existing technology now, you can add additional options, such as electronic prescriptions and nutritional value of ingredients. The result was a fairly compact design that is i...