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Very clean with no water!

It turns out that not always need water to wash the dishes. And not just wash and remove food debris in the most inaccessible places. Such a method and a device are. A waterless cleaning solution that uses magnetic microwaves to heat dipole molecules of food residue stuck on dishes. As the spinning head and flexible bristles remove the residue only these molecules are heated, so the dish stays col...

Concept Candid Camera Sling Shot!

Very funny and unexpected hidden camera! She finds you by surprise and make your photo in the most cheerful and not very pleasant circumstances. The camera works like a slingshot. Shot, flash and all smiles. The hunt for the most curious pictures! Very interesting and fun!  (more…)

Сoncept communication device Nokia Essence.

Nokia Essence is quite attention-grabbing and features a touch pad on the other side, which can be used to control many applications. This can be flexibly used as a remote control for different pieces of equipment or wireless touch pad while making presentations. This a future communication device named Nokia Essence. The concept will make good use of the internet and will work like computers that...

Concept Eco Cooking!

  This appliance is a unique combination of cooking and heating elements (as in microwave cooking) that focuses on reducing the carbon footprint of your activity whilst cooking efficiently. The Carbon Credits earned while cooking are stored in a card and can be redeemed or passed on as favors. (more…)

Concept A visual communication device Be2.

The world of new technologies opens up unlimited possibilities of communication. I want to hear not only relatives, but feel their presence when they are away. Be2 The project  deals in getting your loved ones closer to you by means of video conferencing. Designer has implemented all his technological know how in this superb creation. (more…)

Сoncept of gadget-Hi-Tech Computer!

How we love to dream, to invent the concept of the new devices. We would like to see the new computers were very small and were fully function. This is a concept of gadget, which make connecting with isq server and projecting the image on some plane surface. This concept is a clever one, which incorporates a transformative element and a remarkably innovative interface. When the cylindrical device ...

Handheld cordless and lightweight Vacuum cleaner!

You want to clean up is easy and fun? Then you can use The Orb-It. This Black & Decker Orb-It handheld vacuum features handle and nozzle that extend automatically. Available in 6 finishes, Orb-It runs for 8 minutes and has the fast-charging lithium ion battery. And this trendy cordless vacuum cleaner weighs under 800 grams, making it very easy to use. Orb-It is perfect for speedily cleaning ar...

Concept camera Stella!

Astronomy - this is a very interesting science! But when this science should be studied in school, no desire and interest in it. But children need to look with admiration at the sky and see the wonders there. One way to do this is with the Stella, a concept camera plus projector combo. On a starry night you simply capture the mesmerizing skies and the project it to your bedroom ceiling. Awesome wa...

Concept W + PLUS anti-dehydration.

To maintain good health, it is important that the water balance in the normal volume. W + PLUS is a smart reminder system that can warn people before vody Produkt deficit is for those who are very healthy lifestyle and to pay attention to health care. W+ PLUS consists of two modules: "The Ring" - works as a portable unit. He can look on the water balance in real time. "Cube" - the charger for t...

Concept Tablet Book!

A3 Tablet Book supports landscape and portrait viewing where each screen can be used separately or combined together for larger viewing area. This device features 6 cameras for normal and Stereoscopic 3D recording/playback, incorporating 2 clusters of 3 cameras. The to camera works just like a normal video/picture camera while the twin pair cameras at the bottom produce the Stereoscopic 3D for the...