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Aire Mask: your breathing into renewable electrical power

There is a dearth of tech products that can also double as accessories for fictional serial killers. If Hannibal Lecter was as into jogging as he was into human consumption, he would have definitely been sporting the Aire mask to power his iPod. The idea behind the mask it that your breath charges your small electronics. The mask contains small wind turbines that convert your huffing and puffing i...

Electrolux Mobile Induction Heat Plate: smart future concept

Place the heat plate wherever you want and pair it with your smartphone to gain a child safe remote control. This smart induction hot plate is a compact solution for those on the go. The smartphone app is designed to be used with intelligent food packaging where NFC-tags provide instructions on how to heat the food properly. The induction plate is a glossy black and white design with a wood...

LG Eagle phone!

Presented for the first time on the “LG Electronics Design Competition” in 2010, LG Eagle attract with an original design and the functionality. Eugene Kim is the designer of the dual screen concept phone, a concept phone that looks like an eagle when is flipped out. (more…)