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Futuristic Concept Car by Toyota’s with artificial intelligence


Toyota has introduced a new concept called Concept-i. The car has received an unusual design, which was engaged in the development studio Calty Design Research Toyota.Powered by an artificial intelligence (AI) agent nicknamed “Yui,” the car learns about the driver, monitoring everything from their schedule and driving patterns to their responsiveness and emotions. Communication between Yui and...

Concept Vultran Aventi Superbike


Aventi - electric superbike concept, which combines the modern and future technology. Designer came up with a lightweight, aerodynamic and luxurious design.Features Vultran Aventi:- Racing overalls with LEDs- Ultra-light carbon-fiber body kit- 600-hp electric motor- S.R.A.B. technology (Steady Roll Auto Balancing)- Lithium-ion batteries- Fiber optic cables for fast data transfer between systems- D...

Concept car for the adrenaline-dependent travelers


Combining project design works of Clara Fassler, Benjamin Loyngera, Luis Meixner and Jean-Marc Ephraim has allowed to be born concept car BMW XBase, intended exclusively for customers who value a comfortable ride with all the sports equipment, which is sure to come in handy on a long journey or a rustic pastime.  Inside the four local car very free, and seats are available according to the la...

Concept motorcycle with artificial intelligence


The famous Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Kawasaki shared with the public the plans for the future. These plans include the creation of a voice assistant with artificial intelligence, which will interact with the rider and the motorcycle itself. Simply put, to create a motorcycle with personality.With the help of technology, which is developing a team of Cocoro SB corp., The Kawasaki motorcycles...

Concept Hydrogen car Toyota FCV Plus


At the Paris Motor Show carmaker Toyota has demonstrated its car of the future - FCV Plus with futuristic design that runs on hydrogen fuel cells. The machine is able to generate the necessary energy for operation of the hydrogen which is not only inside but outside of the vehicle. In addition, FCV Plus not greedy and can share electricity with other cars or even for home. That is, it is also a mo...

Dream Chaser concept gives urban transportation an entirely new phenotype


In the process of purchasing the car, people will be able to choose from a number of variations and customize the cockpit and body modules they wish. Cockpit and body modules can be combined and interchanged to adapt to the user’s unique tastes, comfort requirements, and performance needs.Using belt traction suspension and a magnetic field between each, the units never actually come in contact. ...

The radical concept car Nissan BladeGlider

Future technology The radical concept car Nissan BladeGlider

In the regiment futuristic cars added another concept car. Nissan engineers have created a working prototype BladeGlider. This manoeuvrable machine with electric drive. The Nissan named novelty fully functional "advanced prototype."  Novelty extraordinary - especially in terms of the chassis configuration. Front track is narrow, the back - wide. The foregoing provides optimum handling and sta...

Concept of city bus of the future

Weltpremiere: Mercedes-Benz Future Bus mit CityPilot – Meilenstein auf dem Weg zum autonom fahrenden Stadtbus

In Amsterdam,took the premiere of Mercedes-Benz Future Bus with CityPilot with semi-autonomous driving system. The so-called a bus of the future is based on the proven platform of Mercedes-Benz Citaro and is equipped with 299-hp six-cylinder diesel engine, the relevant standard of "Euro-4".As for the design of Mercedes-Benz Future Bus, it is created from scratch, and is a combination of form and f...

Concept e Mans 2030

Future technology Concept e Mans 2030

In recent years, Le Mans organizers have pushed for significant reductions in fuel, energy and tire usage. The open formulas available to achieve those results have made Le Mans the most relevant and exciting form of competition for manufacturers worldwide. This approach has inspired the creation of Audi’s diesel and diesel hybrid technologies, Toyota’s ultra-capacitor hybrid, Porsche’s V4 h...