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Ingresure concept stands for ingredient + measure

Ingresure concept stands for ingredient + measure 7

Created by Ryan Jongwoo Choi, Ingresure notifies the correct quantity of spice and component you have to develop excellent foods like a professional chief cook. You may safe your own language from very hot soup/food to imagine or measure the best flavor of the food. Ingresure idea means component & measure, a special unit that precisely measures the component of the food through applying the i...

Concept Dishwasher and cupboard – two in one

Future technology Concept Dishwasher and cupboard - two in one

This concept dishwasher washing dishes and eliminates the need to remove it later from the washer, because this machine is both a cupboard. Plus, it works without water. 's Interesting, right? A device called DualWash Bipartite really is completely innovative work of art. You can hang this machine over the sink as usual hanging locker with utensils. Once finished washing dishes,  ware remai...

Waterproof and solar-powered iPhone case "AQUA TEK S"

Waterproof and solar-powered iPhone case AQUA TEK S 4

This new AQUA TEK S case for iPhone 4 and also 4S this not just offers ruggedized safety, but features a solar power, integrated battery, and it is water-proof up to twenty ft. Targeted at outdoorsy types who wish to keep connected while going this defeated track, the case includes a water-proof and also dust proof poly-carbonate ruggedized case this packages its integrated battery to increase the...

Aire Mask: your breathing into renewable electrical power

Aire Mask - your breathing into renewable electrical power1

There is a dearth of tech products that can also double as accessories for fictional serial killers. If Hannibal Lecter was as into jogging as he was into human consumption, he would have definitely been sporting the Aire mask to power his iPod. The idea behind the mask it that your breath charges your small electronics. The mask contains small wind turbines that convert your huffing and puffing i...

Accept payments Everywhere


A new company, called Square is turning the credit card processing industry on its ear with an application available at the iTunes store. Available for the iPad, the iPhone and iPod Touch, Square enables you to take credit card payments for, well, just about anything. Once you register for the free Square app they will send you a card reader that plugs into your mobile device and then, let the ...

Future green technology concept


Scientific data demonstrates the deterioration of the air in buildings over the last 50 years. Chemical pollutants cause more and more health problems. Plants have the capacity to depollute the air and create oxygen. The idea is to design a modular green wall system where plants, water and light create an « interior lung » to enhance air quality and create a luminous positive effect on workers a...

Device Stick Talk


This device helps you communicate with people who have hearing difficulties and who are visually handicapped, even if you don't know how to read Braille and sign language. If a person whom you talk to is deaf, speak to the device then it will show what you said on the display. If a user of this device is deaf, the user easily can express his/her thoughts, even if the other doesn’t know sign lang...

Portable Power Generator future


‘Cyclus’ is one of the solution for the power generating without further environmental impact within everyday circumstance. In nowadays, it is really hard to survive without any electrical devices where especially urbanised society. Obviously power supplying issue is one of the fundamental problem to sustain current life cycle, and it can't be split to consider for further sophisticated user e...

Concept 2 for 2 for the year 2050 !


In the years to come, technology will take us to a level that become difficult to predict or think about at present. Nevertheless, there are designers who every now and then come up with a vehicle that seems fit enough in the future scenario. Here is a vision from Brazilian designer, Thiago Vieira, who has envisioned a vehicle for 2050. (more…)

Touchpot harnesses kinetic energy to glow !


Eco-friendly concept device harnesses kinetic energy. The Touchpot is an eco-friendly artificial plant pot that harnesses kinetic energy whenever its artificial leaves are moved by hand or by the wind. Designed by Aydan Design, the concept features leaves that can be rotated and moved in any direction. The leaves respond to human touch by harnessing the tiny amount of energy that will be genera...