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Concept Smarty ring

The idea of ​​combining smartphones, which increase in size with the compact and handy gadget is haunted many inventors. For this reason, we have seen many diverse smart hours, but these have not been comfortable. New fashion trend - the smart ring. One of the first such devices is may Smarty Ring . This ring has the necessary controls a majority of smartphone features and LED- display, which ...

Concept USB Drive

This is a very interesting gadget, with which is very convenient copy files from a flash drive on a USB flash drive. It is just a concept, but the device is promising, as it avoids the use of a computer as an intermediary. Device semi-circular, more like a horseshoe. At the ends of it are two USB-ports for the two flash drives or hard drives, and the upper part of the body is a touch screen. The...

Concept pen with interpreter

Ivy Guide - this compact gadget that attaches to any pen and scan the text for further translation. Scanning handle allows quick and easy to transfer small pieces of text into an electronic translator. It's enough to carry across the text - and the line will be scanned, recognized and displayed. Charging the internal battery is via USB.   (more…)

Cool Gadget

This gadget converts audio tape cassettes in to MP3 format files and stores these straight on to the iPhone or even iPod-touch. Using its totally free application, conversion to MP3 fornat is as easy as inserting the cassette, docking the iPhone or iPod-touch, and pushing play. This allows many iPhones and iPod devices, and standard or chrome cassette tapes. Tape could be listened utilizing the he...

Concept bracelet with voice assistant Siri

A designers from around the world after extended a break  again began to develop a concept of electronic voice assistant Siri. One example - bracelet iSiri, invented Italian studio CiccareseDesign. Little female bracelet endowed Bluetooth-module allows to forget about the iPhone, not to pull out of his pocket once again. Absence of the screen should not confuse you, Siri and so is able to ...

Concept multipurpose kitchen gadget

It’s a great solution for small apartments. Designer Buse Ustun introduced the concept of compact multipurpose kitchen gadget that will save space. It can work as a frying pan, induction hob and grill. Quickly cleaned and easily and stored on  base of the unit. (more…)

Flexible display-bracelet-watch of the future

Why need  traditional electronic or mechanical watch, when we have a bright future? In the future, replacing traditional dials come full-color flexible displays. One of the most interesting features of the organic light-emitting diode displays - this is their thinness, which allows them to be surprisingly flexible. This concept watch is simply are striking, as they are equipped with a displ...

Concept Eco-friendly charger EcoCharge

EcoCharge - is a portable and environmentally friendly charger which converts thermal energy (from heaters, etc.) into electricity. EcoCharge system concept  looks like a portable system that will not only play nice with your cookware, but will work with any surface that can produce heat. Thanks to magnets placed on the body, charging can be attached to different surfaces.  It will also ...

ICE – futuristic concept virtual kitchen assistant

This concept gadget combines conventional lamp to illuminate the kitchen table, with an intelligent system that will prompt methods of cooking and a variety of ways to the tableware. This is done by means of the laser projector and scanner. ICE can scan its surroundings and assist the user in creating the best meal to suit any occasion. ICE can scan ingredients you've already chosen to cook and ...

Spummy-concept device for creating of "food of the future"

The device Spummy - a device for creating a "food of the future." This can be done with the help of nano-technology. Produced edible foam for every taste. A foam could taste  only in selected restaurants. Now you can make it yourself. The endless possibilities of combinations of taste to help you make a lasting impression on your friends and close. (more…)