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Concept Tactile display

Attentive readers will remember the almost fantastic idea of Tactus with of the same product, over which worked of engineers. The idea was to create a display on which the right moment appeared to bulge for tactile sensations happening on the screen. Example, a keyboard when you print as needed retracts back. So, in company Tactus all this time the work went on as usual and the developers have alr...

Concept the thinnest watches in the world

Company Central Standard Timing  introduced the thinnest watch, made ​​on technology E Ink. CST-01 looks similar to a metal bracelet, and their thickness is only 0.8 mm. Users can set or change the time with built-in docking station. A specially designed the battery can be charged from docking station just ten minutes and a watch will run for up to a month on a single battery charge. A li...

Flow Medical Gadget of the future

Electronic devices designed to serve medical imaging, are becoming more efficient and suitable for use in everyday life. Using the latest cutting-edge capabilities of nanotechnology, Gadget Flow allows you to control the proportion hazardous substances, that  a person breathes with air. The main objective of the unit is a concern for the health of people suffering from asthma or are prone t...

Concept Device for a tourist

Unfortunately this device is still only a concept gadget. This is a convenient handheld electronic that integrates a retractable soft screen that can be rolled out as needed. It provides satellite views of cities like Florence, Italy, and indicates points of interest. This clever device offers many useful the functions and makes his best friend tourists. You can choose: (more…)

Concept Smart toaster Hue

An invention of mankind, as a toaster is not much changed in the last 100 years. Yes, of course, there is a toaster with various digital displays, with the support of radio, even the weather forecast, which is baked directly on the bread. But as direct functions directly toaster, here especially, nothing has changed - how to fry  before, as it is done today. Toaster Hue seems to have chang...

Concept Sony PSP 2 with a transparent OLED-display

A year ago, Sony has released a portable console PS Vita. It a branded gaming gadget second generation with a productive processor and a bunch of ways to control gameplay. PS Vita sales were not as serious as we would like, but the device has found its place in the market and feels quite decent. What will happen when the time comes to make another big step forward? (more…)

Concept Curve Phone PHILIPS

Introducing the concept of stylish touchscreen phone. A very interesting look. Nice to hold it in your hands when speaking with the caller. And the function should not disappoint the owner of this phone. Time, date, and temperature functions. Can be recorded and stored in memory up to 1000 contacts. Wireless VoIP. Synchronization with e-mail account and get notificationsSensor disables the touch...

Concept solar battery

This project is a battery and at the same time flexible solar panel that can fold  in the form of a standard battery. Innovation, that can be refined and perfected. Very interesting!  (more…)

Concept a coffee Memory

Coffee - favorite drink for many! And there is the desire to drink good coffee always. Try that with a coffee maker Memory. Before us is a terrific concept coffee Memory, who knows your tastes and prepares the perfect coffee. It was developed by Chinese designer WenYao Cai for international competition for Electrolux Design Lab 2012. First, of course, you have to enter the settings, ie tell this w...

Concept next generation computer 2015

HOLO 2.0 is a project designed to be the next computer replacement for the future. This wearable computer offers a new user experience with its portability and ground breaking architecture. This multi function gadget allows you to keep connected to the web whenever, wherever! His dimensions are: 140mm (length), 20mm (width), 2.5mm (minimum thickness), and 10mm (maximum thickness). HOLO 2.0 feat...