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Concept flying plank SLIDE Hoverboard

Future technology Concept flying plank SLIDE Hoverboard

It seems,that the fashion for flying skates gaining momentum. In recent years, frequent the attempts to recreate iconic plank of the second part of the movie "Back to the Future."Moreover, the initiative exhibit not just enthusiasts. To business joined the major manufacturers, including the famous Lexus. The company's engineers decided to take a break from luxury cars, and have designed their own ...

Concept Toothbrush for men

Future technology Concept Toothbrush for men

Concept Braun electric toothbrush designed specifically for men . Basically toothbrushes intended for any gender or virtually identical design. In this project, the designer tried to maximize the effect that at first glance it was clear that a man's toothbrush. Design not only emphasizes belonging to a particular gender, but also does not forget about direct appointment, offering users a variety o...

The ergonomic laser pointer for presentations

Future technology The ergonomic laser pointer for presentations

  Here is the original laser pointer the next-gen in the shape of a ring, that is convenient for different presentations. Device supports three forms of the projected marker - point, line and circle and easy to use. (more…)

Concept of a smartphone with a perfect sound

Future technology Concept of a smartphone with a perfect sound

Smart phones are becoming more advanced, sometimes some innovations are beginning to seem redundant and irrelevant, although in practice they are happy to meet the target audience. Today, manufacturers of mobile electronics hardly produce music smartphone,and it's a big omission. The solution may be a device, similar to the concept of Audio Phones. The concept addresses the need for innovation in ...

Concept bracelet for lovers

Future technology Concept bracelet for lovers

Here is a pretty interesting and weird project. TapTap bracelet for lovers. With the bracelet can alert your soul mate about their feelings by means of vibrations, that can cause a simple touch the outer side of the bracelet with a finger or hand. Vibratory signals TapTap will send only on one bracelet,which will be sold in pairs. The developers claim that they want to create a secret world,to tha...

Concept "Smart " eyes for robots

Future technology Concept smart eyes for robots

Modern robots can see well (or even better than people), but this does not mean that they recognize,what they see . Without the normal program for recognition of object, a robot-servant ,whereof many dream , just not be able to distinguish a bottle with a means plumbing for washing from the glass with orange juice. The people such confusion is unlikely to please , so scientists from the Massachuse...

Interactive Kitchen Assistant

Future technology Interactive Kitchen Assistant

Humaleon system brings a new culinary experience for you in the kitchen. It uses a holographic system that helps and guides the user step by step through the process of cooking. In addition to the database of recipes and tutorials, the user can assess and share recipes with friends. (more…)

Concept the solar laptop Shadow Axis

Future technology Concept the solar laptop Shadow Axis

Of course there are people who do not welcome the use of alternative power Supply. Basically it all comes down to the issue of charging. But, if slightly pushing the limits the usual thinking, you can get a good idea. This concept laptop is equipped with a solar panel that is built into the top cover. This will greatly increase the autonomy model. Shadow Axis - this is a solar-powered laptop, wh...

Concept the energy-saving elevator

Future technology Concept the energy-saving elevator

Many people watching their weight, but it is sometimes difficult to work out or monitor the amount of calories in foods,not to gain overweight. The concept of energy-efficient elevators ½ offers an alternative solution where the elevator stops between floors. This not only reduces power consumption by reducing the number of stops, but also causes people to ascend or descend the stairs to get to t...

Holho – concept of the holographic display

Future technology Holho - concept of the holographic display

HOLHO - this is one of the smallest and most original holographic a pyramid. Holho is a system of reflectors, which allow you to create a surround image. The project is presented ruler models and is compatible with all smartphones and tablets, regardless of the brand manufacturer. For 3D-projection, can use any image including the animation. The only limitation is the need in of black background. ...