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Concept Nokia Prism Plain Weird


This Nokia concept phone is a bit out there, as far as weirdness goes. It’s called Nokia Prism. The execution of the Nokia Prism phone is flawless. This prism-shaped phone looks good only as a piece of art nouveau and only when seen from the backThe problem with the Nokia Prism is that it has those sharp and angular corners and edges, making it not very comfy to hold, actually not comfy at all. ...

Concept of bus future

Future technology Concept of bus future

One of the most common problems densely populated megacities are traffic jams. To combat them, the authorities sometimes go to extreme measures, such as introducing road fees for travel or limiting the amount entering the city limits of machinery. However, the Chinese authorities intend to launch another element of the struggle,which is before them no one has yet applied. Transit Elevated Bus - is...

Concept of the foldable smartphone

Future technology Concept of the foldable smartphone

Often, designers are able to introduce mobile devices to the unusual form factor. Here version is of designer Allan Ospina. According to the description,his invention called Lunark and has a "revolutionary design", and can significantly extend the functionality of the device. Outward appearance of the device resembles two fastened together smartphone. Additional unit with display can be used, for ...

Concept Super-linked Solar Street

Future technology Concept Super-linked Solar Street

Solar Street Concept is an energy saving product for public spaces. With its 7.3 square meters of solar cell panels and MoSESS (movement sensors energy saving system), it provides eco-friendly illumination throughout the night. The system also includes street lamps, bus stops as well as phonebooths and ATMs, all power-driven by excess energy collected from the larger network of interconnected sola...

Concept of a smartphone with technology information transfer of light

Future technology Concept of a smartphone with technology information transfer of light

The company Oledtsomm specializes in  light. Or, to be more precise, technology LiFi, which offers high-speed data using the pulsing visible light. Developer demonstrated full operation of the system. Within the demonstration used unnamed smartphone and tablet computer, running with Google Android, who received a slight modification. Instead front of camera installed a engineers Oledcomm se...

Concept Smarty ring

Future yechnology Concept Smarty ring

The idea of ​​combining smartphones, which increase in size with the compact and handy gadget is haunted many inventors. For this reason, we have seen many diverse smart hours, but these have not been comfortable. New fashion trend - the smart ring. One of the first such devices is may Smarty Ring . This ring has the necessary controls a majority of smartphone features and LED- display, which ...

Concept Apple TV

Future technology Concept Apple TV

Another elegant, extremely beautiful and stunning design of designer Martin Hajek. He developed the concept of the Apple TV. Most changes have affected the screen itself, which was curved to provide a new experience for watching movies. The designer has not yet decided on the final result and trying to experiment with colors and shapes. There are two different designs:     The ...

Concept Toyota FV2

Future technology Concept Toyota FV2

The motto of the Tokyo motor show in 2013 is: " Compete. And form the future. " Obviously, Toyota has decided to respond to this appeal. The company brought on  the Tokyo Motor Show more over the amazing car. This single three-wheeled vehicle  futuristic, " stuffed with " various high-tech solutions. The car has the technology "gambling control". To begin ...

Concept aircraft seat regulated for different body sizes

Future technology Concept aircraft seat regulated  for different body sizes

Air travel - is, as a rule, the classical system. Those who can afford to purchase their tickets in a luxurious, spacious "first class " and the others are content with a cheaper and compact economy class. The biggest drawback of economy class - this is without a doubt the seat. Not only because, they are made of cheap, fire-resistant foam. They are all one standard size, that can be a s...

Concept of smart watches HTC One Watch

Future technology Concept of smart watches HTC One Watch

HTC is going through hard times. But must not stand on place , the mobile market actively developing, appear new categories of devices. Their should be released immediately, otherwise time will be lost . And now there is an urgent need for original smart watches. For example,such, as a concept called the HTC One Watch. The concept of smart watches HTC One Watch is made in the original style the ...