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Concept of capsule Mercedes-Benz

One of the hottest brands on the market - electric vehicles . They are designed somewhat differently than traditional machines, and it's a good reason to radically change their a design. Another trend in the near future-the unmanned vehicles, and this is also a good reason to change their a appearance. These ideas formed the basis of the concept of an electric Mercedes-Benz. He is very different...

Concept Individual electric transport

This unusual design height of 230 mm, is designed to move indoors. The control can be carried like Segway, tilt in the right direction, or with your smartphone. The special design of the wheels can move in any direction. The maximum velocity of the vehicle 6 km / h One charge lithium-ion battery will last for 6 km. (more…)

Automotive design. First Photos of Renault DeZir concept future car.

Renault is breaking away from the angular styling favored by its former design chief, Patrick Le Quement. The French company will show a concept car that highlight’s the brand’s more emotional design at the Paris auto show in October. (more…)