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Concept of Smartphone OnePlus Zone

The OnePlus 6 is days away from its official reveal, but many users are already complaining about the small notch found on the display. Michael Muleba finally tried it differently and created OnePlus Zone Concept.The OnePlus concept phone has a gently curved back side, in order to better fit into your palm. It’s got a special illuminating logo and multiple fancy lights on the side. Those color l...

Huawei patented folding smartphone

Recently Huawei introduced a smartphone with three cameras, which proved to Samsung and Apple that now the company is able to equip its devices with technologies that are not available to competitors. Now Huawei took up the "smartphone-book" - at least, this is how the new device is described in the patent application filed by Huawei.The bottom line is to provide users with a huge display enclosed...