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Concept ARVOW Smartphone

Several dual-screen smartphones have already hit the market, but we've yet to see a model with three displays, or at least a non-concept, to be revealed. This mobile has a futuristic concept in which it has 3 screens , it could be used as a normal mobile phone and could be used as a mini laptop. For heavy users , the screens on the inner part allows you to open two different tabs at the same time ...

Concept LG G Flex X Foldable Phone

The handset in question here is the LG G Flex X, a foldable phone that becomes an 8.5 inch tablet. We see the device is curved on the sides and we have a discrete integration of the dual front camera. By the way, this phone has no notch from what we can see and the top and bottom bezel are quite big compared to modern standards. The two screens are hooked up seamlessly to work together. There’s ...

Concept the foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy X 3D Trailer

So many reports believe that the folding Samsung Galaxy X has already been built, and the company is just waiting for the right time to test it. Foldable Samsung Galaxy X will be one of the best phones of all time, if it appears in 2018.It is a folding smartphone that can become a tablet with ease.The designer Samsung really worked hard to draw inspiration from the concepts. A foldable smartphone ...

Concept of folding smartphone

An interesting work presented Borgof Mack (Max Borhof), a designer from Germany. The artist depicts a folding phone. The fact is that most likely was inspired by the concept of devices HTC. In the figure we can see the screen from edge to edge and large enough casing. Now imagine that you can still add up.  (more…)