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Concept of prototype flexible smartphone

The research group Human Media Laboratory at Queen's University, which in Kingston, Canada, demonstrated recently working prototype flexible smartphone. And let this piece of iron apparently little resembles a handheld gadget, but with the task the demonstration opening at the same time opportunities copes to cheer.A new concept of flexible smartphone called ReFlex supports data input by bending. ...

Concept Flexible shock-proof 5-inch display

Flexible displays - the next fashion trend in the world of mobile devices. It is not clear how it will be in demand by the consumer, but a development in this direction lead all major manufacturers of displays. Previously, LG has already confirmed the release notes smartphone with similar screen,the similar a tube  preparing to release and competitors - Samsung and Motorola. Today, at the a...

Concept flexible AMOLED Smartphone!

The key technology of the device is the “Galaxy Skin” that transforms the entire body of the handset by sending an electronic signal. As far as specs go, the display is a 4 inch WVGA one of the flexible kind and the Samsung Galaxy Skin also comes with a 1GHz CPU, a projector, augmented reality and the customized Android Flexy OS. This concept should appeal to all. The construction  is very su...