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Concept Flexible iPhone-bracelet

Apple is trying to do everything possible to maintain the status of an innovative brand. This is very much possible , but truly revolutionary technology in the range of U.S. brand appear infrequently,perhaps,marketers do not foresee high demand on the futuristic solutions . Disadvantages of the real world , as always, are replenished worthy concepts. The authors of the new work is a designers De...

Universal mobile device of the future

  These a project that explores the manufacturing and material and potential applications of future flexible technology. Designer Callil Capuozzo introduced the concept of "The Future of Mobile Computing," in which he tried to combine a smartphone, tablet, smart watches and glasses augmented reality into one. External mobile computer of the future more like a tablet made ​​of...

Flex iPhone concept !

Designer Fabrice Bardon almost had us thinking that was an unusual iPhone, but then we spotted the Sony Ericsson branding on the device’s pictures. Dubbed the Flex iPhone, this handset has nothing in common with Apple’s cellphone, but a lot in common with the future and modern devices. (more…)