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Smart glasses Safilo can read thoughts


The Italian company Safilo Group is going to present to the public an amazing smart glasses. It looks like a normal new sun protection model. But it is not so. According to the creators, the device literally can "read thoughts". Safilo invention is equipped with 5 sensors that measure brain waves. Relevant readings are transmitted to the smartphone - for analysis. Special application evaluates the...

Innovative device FoldiMate


It is unlikely, that someone gets pleasure from ironing and folding clothes after washing. But today these routine cases can be eliminated by entrusting the care of their own wardrobe by assistant robot. Developers innovative device promise, that the new home gadget will everything ironed and neatly stacked. Only  all need will expanded in a cabinet on the shelves.Each faced a problem, when n...

Concept kinetic generator in the form of a film to recharge gadgets


To us have repeatedly demonstrated the developments, which are able to collect kinetic energy from the movements of the person, than to continue to use it to recharge portable and other gadgets. It seems that the staff at Michigan State University have progressed the furthest in establishing such a system. This is the so-called bio-compatible nano ferro-electric generator, which is very flexible a...

Concept diamond battery of the nuclear waste


A recent scientists study revealed found,that the cold nuclear wastes can be an effective source of clean energy. To prove the viability of the idea, experts at Bristol University have created a battery that runs on the radiation wastes. Researchers have established that if an artificial diamond is placed in close proximity to the radiation source, it allows you to receive current. Such diamonds c...

Innovative USB-dongle that can conduct an HIV test


When it comes to HIV testing, a drop of blood and a USB-device - this is all, that the patient may need in the near future. Scientists at Imperial College London, together with DNA Electronics company developed a device that determines the level of HIV in the blood and generates a signal which can be read by a computer or a portable gadget. This invention can be use to monitor HIV-infected patient...

Concept Alienware gaming device

Future technology Concept Alienware gaming device

For sure is an Alienware gaming device, that packs some punch and it’s based on OLED technology.The device features a sliding portion and a main screen bit, with narrow bezels. If you look closely, there are actually 3 concepts, with Concept A being the OLED proposal, that has a wraparound screen, rigid enough to stay upright if need be. Then comes Concept B, with a massive approach and a slide ...

Innovative Notebook HP Chromebook 11 G5

Future technology Innovative Notebook HP Chromebook 11 G5

Despite the fact,that the cloud operating system Chrome OS not uses increased popularity, some manufacturers continue to use it in their notebooks. For example, soon exit in release a laptop HP Chromebook 11 G5 and all the students, secondary school students and teachers will be able to buy a low-cost device for working with documents and mail. The cost has not yet been called, but it is not very ...

Concept the tactile interface,that changes shape

Future technology Concept the tactile interface,that changes shape

The life of modern man is associated with the interface is so tight,that most did not even notices it. Old fashioned knife switches, touch screens ... yah,even a doorbells all this is the interface, without which modern man will experience some inconvenience. The engineers and designers have a entertainment - constant improvement of interfaces to bring the add understandable for any type, to incre...

Futuristic LeEco Le 2 Concept Phone

Future technology Futuristic LeEco Le 2 Concept Phone

LeEco has turned out to be one of those manufacturers,who can to release something revolutionary in the market. It’s not only because LeEco was the first company to announce a Snapdragon 820 powered flagship, but also because of the way the company has grown and attracted fans within a very short timespan. Phones from LeEco are affordable, feature rich and looks amazing.That’s the case with th...

Innovative Sony Xperia Projector

Future technology Innovative Sony Xperia Projector

Sony Xperia Projector is the innovative touch projector.The device is really amazing and allows you to get  the tablet on virtually any surface. Imagine being anywhere in the home can cause an interactive screen to retrieve information from the Internet or, for example, a smart home control functions. The range of use of the device is very wide, which gives good prospects for the further deve...