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Concept of the beautiful smart watch with phone

In the arsenal of the company NO.1 many interesting gadgets. There is also a smart watch. And each model - better than the last.Watch S3 - is no exception. The device has not yet gone on sale, but is already attracting attention. The appearance is impressive - thanks to a round dial and good materials. In addition, the gadget is extremely functional. This phone on your wrist - you can make and rec...

Concept smart watches premium from HP

In regiment arrived smart hours. And with a rather unexpected side. Distinguished company HP, which has decided to bestow market novelty the corresponding class.True device created with an eye for luxury lovers. Therefore will have a unique design and is made ​​from a fairly expensive materials.Hours will be have round stainless steel case diameter of 44 millimeters. Also kit will include remo...

Concept clock-Personal organizer

  Good thing for freelance workers with flexible schedules. It approaches time in a diferent manner without the strict visualization of hours and needles. It works 2.0 devices allowing the user to upload different schedules to their agenda,the clock displays the daily activities  and their duration. Almost programmable clock! (more…)

Pulz Watch

These watch have a very remarkable design.They will show you the time and your heart’s beats per minute  as well as your heart rate, which are displayed on the screen exactly like an EKG graph! Just don’t freak out when the battery runs out and it flatlines! The main thing is not to worry and calm down when the battery is working. Then all will be right! (more…)

Concept Camalien LED watch

You wear watch,to help decorate clothing.The Camalien Watch concept is more of a fashion accessory.  It’s an LED watch with a sleek design that also comes with a camera built into it that will record your surroundings and will change the watch’s color accordingly. Watch Concept that promises to light up our day but that is going to depend where we are. The Camalien Watch is able to light ...

Concept SmartWatch truly intelligent watch

The watch face is an 1.3-inch multitouch OLED screen with 128Г—128 resolution, capable of displaying 65,000 colors.The watch is a little bulkier than most, but not enough to really be a problem, and certainly no bigger than an iPod nano watch. You can also take the face off the strap and clip it almost anywhere. The world's first truly intelligent watch. Multitasking, simple to use and nice: to...