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Concept the frameless iPhone 8


Fast release of the smartphone Apple iPhone 8 stirs the hearts and minds of many people, and the lack of any official information about it even more arouses interest of the world community. Today, active designers who created the concept of the apparatus, and their vision of a new phone with a bitten apple attracted attention.Authors of the project of iDropnews shared their vision iPhone 8  w...

Concept Phones Elephone NXG Series Features 3


The designer did a really nice job designing these phones. Having all that in mind, the Elephone NXG Series concept renders just surfaced. Do keep in mind that the smartphones just concept devices. All 3 concept handsets have bezel less designs and soft touch buttons.These devices are made out of anodized aluminum, and are made using a special nano injection process, according to the designer. On ...

Ceramic smartphone with the frameless screen


This time Xiaomi surprised, introducing 6.4-inch tablet background Mi MIX, which has virtually no frame on the top and on the sides. For the realization of this kind of Chinese response the Japanese company Sharp Xiaomi developers took about two years.The company announced a new smartphone Mi Mix, seemingly looking like another concept from designers who see far into the future. The device is comp...

Concept iPod Shuffle 2016


The designer Giorgi Tedoradze decided to imagine a circular iPod Shuffle. The wheel is in the "center" of this concept, offering one of the most singular interface with its round touch screen that disappears under the ring of the wheel. And given the reports available, the interface seems more successful.This player has a compact and modern design approach, with a round format, that makes it feel ...

Concept Meizu Edge Pro 6 and Pro 7 with a curved display

Future technology Concept Meizu Edge Pro 6 and Pro 7 with a curved display

Curved displays for smartphones, owes its popularity to the South Korean company Samsung. The displays attract interest from other mobile manufacturers. Not was exception and the Chinese company Meizu, which is working on its own smartphone with a curved screen.Already it is known that Meizu is preparing the next flagship smartphone, which will be equipped the curved screen on the sides, as in Sam...

Concept the flexible smartphone with a holographic display

Future technology Concept the flexible smartphone with a holographic display

Canadian engineers Human Media Lab at Queen's University in Kingston again decided to surprise and presented a prototype flexible smartphone HoloFlex with holographic display. The image on the screen can be seen by the naked eye, without the use of 3D-glasses and other devices, and the three-dimensional image can watch several users who are on different sides of the gadget.This was made possible t...

Elegant Phone Concept "millenaire"

Future technology Elegant Phone Concept millenaire

It’s called Cartier Millenaire. The form factor isn’t very different from the other renders made by this designer.This model is supposed to be both fashionable and sophisticated and for now these are preliminary shots of the model. The Cartier concept phone looks a lot like a piece of jewelry, a makeup kit, or something else in the same range and area. This is a bit of a flip phone, since ther...

Concept of smartphone for the true audiophiles

Future technology Concept of smartphone for the true audiophiles

The company Marshall, known worldwide production music equipment of high-quality and accessories, has surprised his fans by presenting smartphone called Marshall London,that functioning on the basis of the operating system Android. As expected, the manufacturer paid particular attention to the acoustic properties of the device. According to the manufacturer, smartphone could "crystal clear"  ...

Concept Samsung Galaxy Note 5 edge

Future technology Concept Samsung Galaxy Note 5 edge

Famous designer Ivo Maric has developed the beautiful concept Galaxy Note 5 edge and published the relevant teaser. Ivo Maric said that Samsung will stick to the strategy design line Galaxy S6. Many features Note 5 edge similar with the latest flagship of the company.According to the author, Samsung will retain Galaxy Note edge basic design principles, but will increase the bending of the display,...

Impulse Phone a revolutionary Speaker Case

Future technology Impulse Phone a revolutionary Speaker Case

It’s really difficult to stand out from the vast sea of phone cases on the market.   guys behind the Impulse phone case have done just that. What makes the Impulse truly different is that it doubles as a portable speaker. The Impulse is a unique phone case engineered with two pairs of speakers, a rechargeable battery, and it can be controlled via wifi with the Impulse app(soon to come)...