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Futuristic concept Handphone

Future technology Handphone

To receive a multibillion-dollar profits,  must be constantly  amaze of the consumer. Therefore, companies try to produce new technology-based mobile phones.. At the same time, the buyer's attention to the model of mobile phone  can draw and with the help of original ideas and changes shape phone. Over the appearance of the mobile device continuously working designers. They sometime...

Concept Phone for Athletes

Future technology Concept Phone for Athletes

Concise and simple design of the phone of the future offered to the designer with a funny name for our latitude, Patrick Loh. Its development is designed for those who love innovation, but prefers not to spend time studying dozens of new functions and features of the device. Therefore Gigaset coeval L226 is positioned as a mobile phone for athletes, and its main feature - the ability to attach to ...

Innovative gadget – Athena concept tablet

Future technology Athena-Concept-Tablet

British industrial designer Tim Chouji to train (Tim Chege) introduced the concept of a Tablet PC Athena, which is positioned as an alternative which has become famous before they start selling Microsoft Surface. The device is distinguished by a smooth curved lines and a removable compartment cover silicone touch keyboard. The curved building Tablet PC - it is not only design but also practical er...

Compact turntable concept

Future technology Compact turntable concept

This concept is not DJs, but only for music lovers. The player is made in a minimalist design, and also combines the old and the latest technology - it can broadcast the audio on the playback device via DLNA technology and Airplay. (more…)

Concept TPM – HELIUM “The Easy Phone”

Future technology Concept TPM – HELIUM “The Easy Phone”

Designer Imran Sheikh presented the concept is very original communicator. TPM HELIUM “The Easy Phone” has an operating system Android 4.0.  Helium is about the same length as the Galaxy S III. Keypad design is Original to comfortably access keys in small area, the keys are rotated to “Grip Angle”, the headphones design is original and is a “QUAD HEADPHONE Design” ie two speakers ...

Concept of passenger multikoptera

Future technology concept of passenger multikoptera

Company E-volo introduced the concept of electric double-helical multikoptera 18. Payload apparatus should reach 204 kg, the maximum altitude of 2000 meters, and the speed of 100 km / h . Volocopter can without compromising safety through failure just four engines. The e-volo system controls flight direction and velocity through differential power to each rotor, eliminating the normal mechanical c...

Concept Kitchen InFold

Future technology infold concept Kitchen

Designers create functional and quite unusual at the same time, compact kitchen, designed for small apartments. Presented at the contest Electrolux Design Lab Competition concept kitchen InFold attracted no little attention as a modern interior. The developer of the concept of modular kitchen wall is Ciprian Frunzeanu. Kitchen InFold mounted to the wall, folded kitchen does not take much space. Wh...

Concept Samsung Galaxy One: Tablet PC Windows 8

Future technology  Concept Samsung Galaxy One

The most common concept designers dedicate their works to mobile devices production Apple, but sometimes there are strong development of dedicated gadgets running Android and Windows / Windows Phone. The new concept is an appeal to the world's largest manufacturer of mobile devices, tablet called Samsung Galaxy One. The authors of the concept of a Tablet PC Samsung Galaxy One became Hong designers...

Concept car eRinGo

Future technology Concept car eRinGo

Among the authors' concept cars of the future popular idea of ​​a compact car with a round body. Designer by the name of Mohammad Ghezel designed three-wheeled vehicle eRinGo. Double car of the future has two steering wheels, so any driver can take control of the car eRinGo under its control. But at the same time driving is impossible, the second drive must be blocked. The car runs on electric...

Concept Circle Printer

Future technology  Concept  Circle Printer

Today few people do without the printer. And the less noise it emits, and takes up less space, the better. The Circle Printer, a concept of industrial designer Yang Jae Wook, stands upright and therefore takes up less space. Moreover, the machine looks very slick - chapeau for Wook.  In general, on the one hand, it is a trifle. On the other hand, quite a nice concept. And since the printer is...