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Concept GraalPhone,which replaces four devices


A small French company presented in Las Vegas a prototype device "4 in 1" titled GraalPhone. It can be used as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or even a compact camera with a five-fold optical zoom. This monster runs on Windows 10 and Android, although now the developers have just broken layouts.How it should workThe idea of the concept is as follows: the user has an Android-smartphone and a computer...

Futuristic Panoramic Cameras

Future technology Futuristic Panoramic Cameras

On the market comes generation of camcorder that can record everything that happens around, with all sides simultaneously. Futuristic look and unique features will definitely make its popular among fans of video footage.A new device called Sphericam 2 - a professional camera to automatically capture the video. Sphericam 2 looks as like  futuristic polyhedron.Design features are such that the ...

Concept three versions New Google Glass

Future technology Concept three versions New Google Glass

At the time of the announcement of Google Glass glasses have caused a stir among the public. Gradually, however, he fell - Tests have shown that the gadget has a number of serious shortcomings.As a result, the project was closed and the successful achievements moved to Project Aura. As part of this initiative created more convenient portable device.As became learned,that the company Project Aura c...

Scientists presented the most powerful camera in the world

Future technology Scientists presented the most powerful camera in the world

3.2 gigapixel camera will be installed at the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope in Chile. To show a picture taken by her, needed 1500 HD TV screen. The device weighs 3 tons and is the size of a small car. With these capacities telescope can observe more galaxies than people on Earth.Powerful camera will as heart for of the Big Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST), which is just being built and should be...

Innovative concept of most the smartest in the world thermo mug

Future technology Innovative concept of  most the smartest in the world thermo mug

For outdoor enthusiasts, long trips and get-togethers on nature designed smart thermo Yecup. What makes it unique? Well, at least the fact that with the help of a special application or the button on the body can adjust the temperature of the drink, as well as obtain information the temperature of the liquid,which is poured into the tank. Or, at any time, "energize" the discharged smartphone thank...

Thync – accessory,which improves mood

Future technology Thync  accessory,which improves mood

Unusual Thync device is designed to give people the opportunity to change your mood for the better. Price accessory,truth,not small! On what is capable of invention? - Thync device located on the head of the owner able send the micro electric impulses to the brain, thus changing the mood. According to the authors, depending on the selected via a special application installation, user can feel rela...

Stunning Bandit9 Concept motorbike

Future technology Stunning Bandit9 Concept motorbike

Our friends over at Bandit9 Motorcycle Design have made quite the name for themselves building some of the best custom bikes on the scene, and their latest offering is no exception. Named the Eve Concept, this is minimal perfection from the Chinese custom bike manufacturer. Say hello to the Bishop.The 2-wheeler is based on the beloved 125cc Honda SuperSport, and has seen some beautiful upgrades fr...

Aerial photography

Aerial photography 1

I really like the actual cosmic elegance within design, nearly just like a star or even whimsical flower. The concept of aerial photography is not really innovative, however the concept of the actual Sky View Camera definitely is actually. People are intrigued with photos of these from above, therefore one of these simple days the digital concepts camera will discover light. Details tend to be ske...

Concept Computer CompuLab Utilite2

Future technology Concept Computer CompuLab Utilite2

The company CompuLab invited potential buyers its new development, desktop PC Utilite2,which one can fit even in very small purse of women's. However, this is a full PC, but without Windows on board, but he and the interesting, because many are now working in alternative operating systems.An alternative Windows of the computer CompuLab Utilite2 serves OS Google Android, but if you want you can alw...

Universal SUV future

Future technology Universal SUV future

Designer by special imagines SUV future. The highlight of the concept is the universal chassis, allowing the car to feel as good on a flat canvas the city and off-road.For wheel provided 2 pairs of tires and suspension to work in a pair of options . And if the first have minimum clearance, and on wheels racing  protectors, the second embodiment of the suspension raised to its maximum height ....