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Digital measuring cup SmartMeasure

The SmartMeasure digital measuring cup is the functional combination of a digital scale and a measuring cup.  Designed with everyone in mind, an easy to read back lit LCD provides real time measurements taking the guesswork and eyestrain out of measuring. Simple intuitive controls allow the user to navigate through numerous preset ingredients and convert between the most common units.  Smartm...

Future Transportation

Bloom” reflects the eco thinking of the society. To break the gruff merge between eco tech and super yacht design I create the concept yacht “Bloom” try to mix the Eco Tech Yacht’s Function and Appearance with Nature in a harmonious way. As same as the Netherlands traditional windmill “Bloom” is not just a super yacht for the owner but also one floating landmark in harmony with the soc...

Green technologies – Envi

Today, due to climate changes, political issues, social evolution and the emerging markets, we are fighting against the clock with our waste. Design becomes responsible for a green and environment-friendly future more than ever. Can you imagine the tomorrow’s world full of «green» waste under the pretext that Mother Nature will do the work? That’s why today’s designer can be more like ...

Mobile phone for doctors

Designer Marco Vanella has come up with an innovative handset named the “Motoworkr,” which apart from performing basic communication needs also incorporates different tools required for regular health checkup to provide first aid during emergencies. Intended towards doctors or medical professionals, the new cellphone integrates a Bluetooth thermometer and tensiometro port for reading digital a...

Air purifier

A window-fitting air purifier that constantly measures quality of indoor and outdoor air then lets outdoor air inside or filters the indoor air. The idea is that when the outside air quality is poor, the purifier can kick on and begin cleaning the indoor air. This allows the expensive HEPA filters to last longer. (more…)

Computer Concept HP.

HP Motivation Eco-Friendly Computer concept Creating an eco-friendly computer by using recyclable materials and reusable/convertable packaging (more…)

Digital Camera – Scarab

The Scarab is a new type of digital camera that addresses a number of design issues related to traditional point and shoot digital cameras which evolved from the 35mm film format. The design features two movable lenses that can be used independently for conventional pictures or for accurate self-portrait shots. Alternatively both lenses can be used together to capture panoramic images or unique ...

Concept Exterior Trash Can

The true talent of a designer lies not just in creating something new, but also breathing new life into otherwise dull objects. Designer Oliver Nickolic has done just that with the amazing concept Exterior Trash Can. Breathing a new life into these ordinary garbage storing objects, the designer has almost turned a trash can into a functional piece of art. The sleek design and use of colors is sure...