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Architecture of the future: Tower hanging from the sky

The New York Architectural Bureau Clouds Architecture Office shared plans for the most incredible architectural project of the last time: a skyscraper that will literally hang from the sky and is built on an asteroid that hangs in orbit. That is, his first floor will be in space, and the roof on the Earth.The building will be called the Analemma Tower, and architects suggest building it over Dubai...

Concept of the first self-contained floating city

The world's first floating city will be in the Pacific Ocean near the island of Tahiti. The government of French Polynesia has signed a contract with the Institute, according to which the construction work will have to begin within two years.Through such an ambitious project, the authors hope to practice confirm,that the independent city can be the perfect place for the development of new state fo...

Amazing floating villas

United Arab Emirates has once again demonstrated to the world the scope of his imagination and truly royal ambitions. This time the Dubai leadership gave the go-ahead on good rather unusual project, the creation of which will require considerable effort and investment. Kleindienst Group - one of Europe's largest companies engaged in the construction and sale of real estate, will create a set of fl...

Solar City Tower – future architecture

The 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games set a new standard for sustainable buildings, with several receiving LEED certification and the 2012 London games are poised to eclipse that mark. The 2016 summer games in Rio, seeking to be the first zero-carbon footprint games, may go even further in the green race based on this entry from Swiss architects RAFAA Architecture and Design. (more…)