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Concept The Liberation of the Kitchen

Living spaces are shifting in design to be focused more on fluid lifestyles, so 'The Liberation of the Kitchen' project identifies how product design is also evolving to offer users a way to live better. This concept kitchen wants to give you the freedom by offering a new kitchen set model instead of fitted kitchen since cooking.The project consists of modular pieces of furniture that can be incor...

Concept Vertical Kitchen Ecooking

Demand for compact and modular homes are going up. Ecooking - a project of the vertical kitchen, which not only saves space, but also because of the closeness of the modules saves energy. All elements of the kitchen run on solar power, and a built- small garden provides the fresh vitamins to the table. The water coming from the shell is filtered and fed into the dishwasher, and then again filtered...

Concept futuristic Kitchen for 2025

Forecast for the near future, say in 2025. As they say the designers, the kitchen will have a size of no more than a table. This futuristic kitchen is a single unit, which includes a table for cutting, stove and sink. Using existing technology now, you can add additional options, such as electronic prescriptions and nutritional value of ingredients. The result was a fairly compact design that is i...