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Concept Fully Curved Phone Microsoft Lumia 888

This concept vision for a Microsoft Lumia 888. It has a polycarbonate body, rubber reverse, and is fully curved. However, rather than the handset curving gently at the top and bottom or on the sides of the display, these one has extreme curvature that looks as though it would affect portability and would snag in pockets or bags.It looks as though it cannot be laid flat, which many people might not...

Concept New BlackBerry With Physical Keyboard

Designer has imagined a new BlackBerry with physical keyboard. Idea is to use a hidden QWERTY along with a virtual keyboard that’s present usually on touchscreen handsets. The device also comes with a secondary hidden “lens”, that provides access to special photo features. This BlackBerry concept also involves a metal and carbon fiber case and a special area that covers the lenses involved w...

Concept Phone,that changing its shape

A team of researchers from the University of hasselt conducted research as compact mechanisms based on three-dimensional puzzles, can be used to create flexible devices,that can change their functionality from the usual smartphone or tablet to portable consoles. POC has developed a prototype phone that can change its shape.. (more…)

Concept of the Nexus 6 with curved display

Followed by Samsung,company 91mobiles has created a concept of a curved the Nexus 6. Powerful and rugged mobile device can become the new flagship of gadgets based on Android this year.The Nexus 6 concept phone,designed by 91mobiles is takes inputs from public opinion. 91mobiles simply gathered information about what people wanted and created this Google Nexus smartphone concept.Indian designers i...

Concept the curved smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5

Can with certainty say in advance, that the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most anticipated in 2014. The Korean manufacturer have to try very hard to expectations have been met. For example, a smartphone can get curved AMOLED-display on a plastic substrate. And, certainly, will the high resolution, greater than Full HD. The new version of the conceptual Samsung Galaxy S5 received cur...

Concept of a thin metallic Apple iPhone 6

Here submitted the concept of the iPhone 6, which has a slim metal body and light weight. You can choose from several color options: green, blue, black, brown, blue and white. The device has a 4.5 inch display that stretched across the width of the front panel, so rim around it very thin. The interface is designed by coloring the body. Logo "apple" on the back side of the case is now ON ...

Colorful concept Apple iOS 8

Most recently, Apple announced a brand new mobile platform iOS 7, it is quite markedly different from previous versions of the system. In the coming months, the owners of Apple gadgets can upgrade their toys to the latest firmware. And what will be  iOS 8, which will be released next year?  The answer to this question has prepared designer Vilim Pluzaric. (more…)

Phones of future

Mobile phones of the future More recently, and the touch screen seemed to be something beyond science fiction, but now who will be surprised by this? Let's see what new wonders in the field of smartphones has prepare developers and experts predict. Through the glass A large number of new products are associated with the use of glass - fully transparent screen or keyboard is completely transp...

Concept Asymmetric smartphone Lean On Me

This concept from designer Seung Hyun Lee combines unusual asymmetric shape of the case and the latest  filling. The author raises the target make the wearing of the device most convenient and without losing in the display size and ergonomics. (more…)

Black Beauty Nokia Lumia 999 Concept

Another attractive concept - Nokia Lumia 999. The smartphone can boasts the brand design hotel of the Finnish manufacturer with the only exception that for the color matching the author applied to the fashionable mobile phone LG Prada Phone 3.0. This means, that the body of the smartphone has a radical black color with contrasting white trim. Accordingly changed and interface design Windows Phon...