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The new flagship Samsung Galaxy S10

In 2018, smartphone manufacturers can surprise all customers with only the integrated fingerprint scanner, which Synaptics managed to create. It is expected that the vast majority of mobile devices, the announcement of which will be held in the second half of 2018, will be able to boast such a feature. Double cameras and frameless screens have long been surprising, but Samsung has found an extreme...

Concept of smartphone,which to taste

The premiere of the first smartphone with built-in the molecular sensor. A model called Changhong H2 is able to distinguish between drugs, jewelry and other items against counterfeiting by studying their composition. The smartphone has a scanner-based the molecular sensor, which, in turn, operates on the basis of infrared spectroscopy techniques.So, directing a beam of light on the subject, the se...

Concept of smartphone, which replaces the computer

In collection of strange projects arrived. Authors Symetium Smartphone PC are going to release a hybrid PC and smartphone. Technical specifications allow you to use the device in any role.The invention looks like a normal mobile gadget. 5-inch device has a metal body and a display such as OLED. The screen resolution is 1920 by 1080 pixels.The product turns in a computer with the special docking st...