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Concept of a modest E-Ink-Smartphone Booklet

The weakest point of today's smartphones are, of course, the batteries, the average mobile phone runs on a single charge for about a day, and neither the major manufacturer so far has not found a way to significantly increase the time. On the other hand, not only battery case, the main consumers are the displays. Designer Fabrice Dube introduced concept of a smartphone Booklet. The device is dif...

Folding tablet

Wallet - a unique folding device that can function as a phone, tablet and camera. Due to its design the gadget easily fits in your pocket. Wallet is made up of three parts, each with stocked a display.  Fold the device can be on the basis of a screen. The case is made of durable innovative material Technogel. The device is equipped with a camera with a resolution of 12.1 megapixels and video ...

Concept Modular mobile phone.

Modu is a mobile phone with modular features both in software and hardware.  The Modu Modular Mobile Phone concept  looks to remedy problem with an innovative idea that would allow users to fully-upgrade their phones as they please. The fully-customizable Modu mobile phone is made of three distinct parts that are fully separable. The LCD display that fronts the phone forms the first layer of the...