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Concept kitchen of future

Future technology Concept kitchen of future

The kitchen of the future will have a smart surface that recognizes all that is put on it. Above the table is a projector,that projects onto the work surface recipes and tips on cooking. So,according to designers Ikea and Ideo, a kitchen will look in 2025. Smart surface knows,that you will prepare and can be used as plates, cutting board, dining table or interactive screen for gaming. Projectors a...

Concept the "vertical city" of future In the Sahara

Future technology Concepy the vertical city of future In the Sahara

Ambitious project invented the French architects. Two Parisian firm - Nicolas Laisne Associes and OXO Architectes - want to lay in desert a city.But,not normal, and the vertical. In a the futuristic multifunctional tower. A city. offered build in the Sahara. Choosing a location is not accidental. Here, the complex will have access to a variety of renewable energy sources (geothermal, solar, atmosp...

Stunning Bandit9 Concept motorbike

Future technology Stunning Bandit9 Concept motorbike

Our friends over at Bandit9 Motorcycle Design have made quite the name for themselves building some of the best custom bikes on the scene, and their latest offering is no exception. Named the Eve Concept, this is minimal perfection from the Chinese custom bike manufacturer. Say hello to the Bishop.The 2-wheeler is based on the beloved 125cc Honda SuperSport, and has seen some beautiful upgrades fr...

Concept Flying car AeroMobil 2017

Future technology Concept Flying car AeroMobil 2017

Last year, a startup from Slovakia presented in Vienna at the Pioneers Festival own flying car AeroMobil. It was not some kind of a vague concept or layout. The car has really can fly, what was demonstrated to the public. launch of the first model in the sale will be held in 2017.At present, more and more talk about what self-governing cars will change in the near future way of daily movement from...

Empiria Classic Futurism Concept

Future technology Empiria Classic Futurism Concept

The Empiria (Experience in Greek) Concept takes inspiration from classicism and excellence typical of many sportscars from the 1950’s and 1960’s. His goal was to stay away from mere retro-inspired modern reinterpretations and focus on the original core values of simplicity and essentiality. The car proportions are influenced by iconic models such as the Ferrari 250 GTO and the Jaguar E-Type.Th...

Concept of cream for tattoo removal

Future technology Concept of cream for tattoo removal

People's tastes are constantly changing,so the tattoo,which was made in his youth,after several years,may not like her owner. And what to do with those whose tattoos were done a artists badly or just stupidity? Laser tattoo removal - the process is very expensive, painful and requires multiple sessions to achieve tangible effect, as well as an extended follow-up treatment, but even in this case th...

Concept yacht of the future

Future technology Concept yacht of the future

New 2015 immediately started with loud premiere - designer Margot Krasoevich, famous for its futuristic architecture and the industrial projects, announced a partnership with the South African company Holden Manz. Specially commissioned by the well-known wine brands, it has created a unique concept, this yacht of the future - sailing trimaran Solar.Ship, which has no analogues, on the project, sha...

Concept lamp on bioluminescent bacteria

Future technology Concept lamp on bioluminescent bacteria

Bright (literally) marine life - bioluminescent bacteria - look very beautiful and unusual in their natural habitat, causing the glow tentacles octopus of some species in which they live. The soft blue glow is emitted when exposed to oxygen. This unique property decided to use.Was prepared lamp Ambio, the basis of which consisted of the very luminous microorganisms. With the selection of suitable ...

Concept Wind Tree

Future technology Concept Wind Tree

The French team of engineers has created an artificial tree, capable of generating electricity from wind. The device operates quietly and produces energy even at low air movement. The idea came when we observe the rustling of leaves in calm weather. Energy is taken from the air and converted in watts.The device uses a small plate in the form of twisted leaves, which convert wind energy into electr...

Amazing concept of super-yachts Star

Future technology Amazing concept of super-yachts Star

Like many great ideas, the project superyacht Star began with a simple sketch on a napkin. Now he is a full concept, quickly formed and soon plans to become a reality. Designed outshine all existing ships, "Star" will be 132 meters in length, 60 in height, and a host of impressive features,including area  takeoff and landing for helicopters, which lately is becoming an integral part of all co...