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Concept future: Life after death

Future technology Concept future Life after death

Of course, it is not about cloning bodies, but rather the creation of a virtual digital identity, based on the written data package left after,who deceased. And yes, in principle, so, can enliven all, and it turns out that the digital life after death depends on how active you are now on the Internet.The concept is called "augmented eternity", and she has a whole movement, which aims with the help...

Concept of system that is controlled by the driver’s view

Future technology Concept of system that is controlled by the driver's view

New technologies improve a illumination of roads. An example of this is the glow in  a dark street signs or street lights,that light up at the sight of the car. Now added a new technology company Vauxhall / Opel of Concern General Motors. The system changes direction of the light of headlamp on the driver's view.Existing adaptive lighting AFL + (Adaptive Forward Lighting) with different modes...

Concept the fighting machine future

Future technology Concept the fighting machine future

Typically, the primary means of protection of tanks and other ground military equipment is multi-layered armor, but in the end, this equipment turns out relatively slow in actual combat conditions, and therefore not very effective.In DARPA is developing a new generation of high-tech tanks, which will focus less on firepower and protection, but mostly - on mobility and speed. The researchers said t...

Concept the train Station like a skyscraper For The Year of 2075

Future technology Concept the train Station like a skyscraper For The Year of 2075

Hyper-Speed ​​Vertical Train Hub - is the idea of ​​the skyscraper, which can act as Station for high-speed trains. If the creators are able to realize his idea, then this building will be the real progress in the transport infrastructure for cities.Skyscraper conceived as a station with the vertical trains.Project goal - to save vast areas that are occupy a trains, which is very inconveni...

Concept the magnetic monorail for the city

Future technology Concept the magnetic monorail for the city

SkyTran - is a concept of the future of urban transportation that uses magnetic levitation. The project was designed to combat congestion, and should replace the usual public transport. Each capsule is designed for two passengers, and can move in the given (via a smartphone) the point of destination, in transit through other stations. (more…)

Innovative concept The wearable Air Purifier

Future technology Innovative concept The wearable Air Purifier

When you’re walking around in the real world, one thing you’ll never come across is an air purifier. This means things in the air, such as exhaust fumes, smog and stinky perfume can enter your body and cause all sorts of havoc. The Hand Tree is a concept,which combines wearable technology, such as a bracelet, with an air purifier. This gadget is your personal air purifier that you can litera...

Universal mobile device of the future

Future technology Universal mobile device of the future

  These a project that explores the manufacturing and material and potential applications of future flexible technology. Designer Callil Capuozzo introduced the concept of "The Future of Mobile Computing," in which he tried to combine a smartphone, tablet, smart watches and glasses augmented reality into one. External mobile computer of the future more like a tablet made ​​of...

Flow Medical Gadget of the future

Future technology Flow Medical Gadget of the future

Electronic devices designed to serve medical imaging, are becoming more efficient and suitable for use in everyday life. Using the latest cutting-edge capabilities of nanotechnology, Gadget Flow allows you to control the proportion hazardous substances, that  a person breathes with air. The main objective of the unit is a concern for the health of people suffering from asthma or are prone t...

Chewing gum for charging gadgets

Future technology Chewing gum for charging gadgets

Wireless charging technology is not new, but it has not been widely adopted. Designer by the name of Lin Ping  hopes that his invention - an electric sticker for charging gadgets, Chewing Gum Battery - waiting to a better future. Packaging such batteries should be sold whole package in street vending machines. Power of one label from the pack enough to charge mp3-player, two label - smartp...

Sustainable Diaper Cleaning System "Swish"

Sustainable Diaper Cleaning System - Swish1

A spherical shaped standalone washer called the Swish combines the advantages of vertical and horizontal washers. Photovoltaic and solar thermal collectors power motors and efficently heat water. Natural ‘soap nuts’ can be grown with the sterile ‘graywater’ waste. Via yankodesign.com Green technology Future products Concept product design Future c...