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Table or a Tablet


Forget the iPad Pro! Meet the CROSS2DESIGN Smart Table! Just as it sounds, this interesting marriage of two unlike objects is a hybrid table and tablet in one.Of course, the design can be used as a surface for working… but it can also be used to watch entertainment, surf the web, organize ideas, collaboration, educate kids, or even for gaming! Touch-sensitive, it’s easy to access programs and ...

Concept Apple Magic Keyboard with OLED Touch

Future technology Concept Apple Magic Keyboard with OLED Touch

The network already pop the concept of MacBook Pro with OLED-panel instead of hot keys. But what if Apple decides to go the other way? Designers presented their vision of the situation.The German edition published the interesting render Curved Magic Keyboard, a new generation of Apple keyboard. They based on rumors about the future generation of notebooks and suggested that the company may introdu...

It’s Time To Spotlight Future Customizable Laptop Designs

Future technology Laptop Designs

In the not so distant future, customizable laptop designs will become more affordable and available to everyone. Students and employees are expected to be productive no matter where they go, and always remain in touch. Every year access speeds for the Internet has increased allowing more data to be transmitted back and forth. While the technologies described here are still in early development, th...

Concept Mini-PC Remix Mini

Future technology Concept Mini-PC Remix Mini

Company Jide introduced its mini-computer Remix Mini, which runs on a modified version of Android with the elements of Windows and is suitable for viewing media files, surfing the Internet, word processing and other simple tasks. The device has a fairly compact size and is in the form of pebbles and fits easily in the palm. The main feature of Remix Mini - the own operating system Remix OS, allows...

Concept of a universal mobile device of the future

Future technology The concept of a universal mobile device of the future

Mobile devices appeared at edge of the high-tech market today. It is most popular types the smartphones and tablet computers. Now, however, it is increasingly talking about the fact that in the foreseeable future their complement will more compact gadgets of new types, such as augmented reality glasses or smart watches.The designer Callil Capuozzo drew attention to the fact that, in practice, very...

Concept the keyboard projector

Future technology Concept the keyboard projector

Full-featured computers in the form of a keyboard - is not a new thing. Such systems were decades ago. However, for complete the work they need the external display. Authors of the project KiBoJet solved the problem quite witty. Their gadget monitor not required. Novelty is equipped with a pico projector and any suitable surface  turns in screen. The nearest wall, for example. The device was ...

Futuristic Miniature computer CuBox-i 4×4

Future technology Futuristic Miniature computer CuBox-i 4x4

In regiment the miniature computers arrived. Desktop computers are getting smaller, not yielding in functionality its full length relatives. PC, similar to a USB flash drive, has long been present in the range of electronics stores, and today's hero CuBox-i 4x4, ultracompact too, will appreciate the fans of minimalism. The company unveiled a tiny SolidRun CuBox-i 4x4, in the form of a cube with a ...

Concept Future PC with mini LED projector

Future technology Concept Future PC with mini LED projector

The next step in the digital personal computer design.  The HTD-01 Concept is the first PC, which uses a mini LED projector. Some may remember the old, large and big rear projection TV. Project task was to produce a new concept for such a screen. It is based on the outdated rear projection technology but using state-of-the-art techniques of transparency and holography. The first approach put ...

Concept Almost Perfect the gaming tablet with "curved screen" from the future

Future technology Concept Almost Perfect the gaming tablet with curved screen  from the future

Customers have slowly started to lose interest in tablet computers and this trend is highlighted by declining sales. So in order to maintain their business afloat, tablet manufacturers have had to become increasingly specialized. In a world where VR gaming is fast becoming a trend when it comes to mobile gaming, it’s very hard to create a tablet that takes gaming to a new level. Designer Beau Re...

Concept Macintosh Meets iPad Air

Future technology Concept Macintosh Meets iPad Air

Macintosh is a part of the history of computing and it must be celebrated as such. Mac was revolution, to show the world the opportunity to purchase a computer for personal use and its application to solving problems of the individual without the need for in-depth knowledge. What better way to do it, than give it a facelift. The nice concept designers CurVer / laboratories that animated the first ...