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Concept Individual electric transport

This unusual design height of 230 mm, is designed to move indoors. The control can be carried like Segway, tilt in the right direction, or with your smartphone. The special design of the wheels can move in any direction. The maximum velocity of the vehicle 6 km / h One charge lithium-ion battery will last for 6 km. (more…)

Computing Future Synapse

The spread of computer technology and a global network of people got a new level of adverse communication in almost all situations, including daily, with the help of various devises, such as PCs and smart phones, etc. The goal is to make computer technology a routine part of life, and devise as convenient and  omfortable for most people as possible. Computers and telecommunications are alread...

Сoncept communication device Nokia Essence.

Nokia Essence is quite attention-grabbing and features a touch pad on the other side, which can be used to control many applications. This can be flexibly used as a remote control for different pieces of equipment or wireless touch pad while making presentations. This a future communication device named Nokia Essence. The concept will make good use of the internet and will work like computers that...

Concept A visual communication device Be2.

The world of new technologies opens up unlimited possibilities of communication. I want to hear not only relatives, but feel their presence when they are away. Be2 The project  deals in getting your loved ones closer to you by means of video conferencing. Designer has implemented all his technological know how in this superb creation. (more…)