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Universal mobile device of the future

  These a project that explores the manufacturing and material and potential applications of future flexible technology. Designer Callil Capuozzo introduced the concept of "The Future of Mobile Computing," in which he tried to combine a smartphone, tablet, smart watches and glasses augmented reality into one. External mobile computer of the future more like a tablet made ​​of...

Concept E-Z Touch

This innovative product is a concept that combines the needs of users, is attractive to look at and will be needed in any family. EZ Touch is a modern interpretation of the ease of using the phone. It combines classic ideas with modern technology. This is a product that is both functional and fashionable. Concept E-Z Touch features a sleek, glass, touch-sensitive keypad with the traditional ...

Concept Phone Nokia Lumia 940

Present concept smartphone Nokia Lumia 940 is simply stunning. This phone gonna be made entirely from carbon and runs with Windows 8.  Angles carbon housing made ​​more rounded than the standard design of the family of smartphones Lumia. The device offers a 4.5-inch PureMotion HD + display with a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels protection Gorilla Glass, dual-core processor with a clock...

Futuristic concept Handphone

To receive a multibillion-dollar profits,  must be constantly  amaze of the consumer. Therefore, companies try to produce new technology-based mobile phones.. At the same time, the buyer's attention to the model of mobile phone  can draw and with the help of original ideas and changes shape phone. Over the appearance of the mobile device continuously working designers. They sometime...

Concept 4hone.

As a rapidly evolving technology of mobile phones. Each phone is something better, and have what I would like to improve. There is a large touch screen but no keyboard, there is a good camera, but bad speakers. And if you try to combine all? 4hone is a concept, which aims at improving user experience by offering them a value for money alternative that lets them configure their phone for a lot more...

Future of Cell Phones

This mobile phone is completely flexible due to the technology behind it... it uses a graphene touch screne being graphene based makes it essentially indestrucable the battery has been created by NEC which is an organic radical secondary battery it's slim, felxible and has a high-speed charge which is it's key feature of only taking 30 seconds to mantain a full charge. the phone is also waterproof...

Palm device concept

Palm Pad, by Brent Downey We weren’t able to get many details on the Pad, but as these renders show, the new device comes with a kickstand, wireless physical keypad, and a slide-down back with gaming controls and a touch-sensitive input area. (more…)

Phones of the future Nokia 2030

This junior project focuses on the branding of products, and this (fictionally) shows how a Nokia® cell phone would look like in 2030. The process involves capturing features and elements on existing products that represent the brand. These elements are then applied to the newly designed product for this project. (more…)

Cellphone concept Dew

Designer Mac Funamizu has come up with a cellphone concept that the user can wear on his/her wrist like a watch or a bracelet. Entitled the “Dew,” the futuristic mobile device displays content in 3D hologram and features a ball in the middle that works as a controller. You can slide the ball in different directions, which changes colors to indicate different modes. (more…)