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The Future of a Flying Machine

Japanese automotive giant Toyota Motor in order to support the project of a flying vehicle, developed by the engineers of the startup Cartivator decided to finance the development. Ready-made full-size prototype investor expects to receive in 2019.This development is positioned as the most compact flying device in the world (length - 2900 mm and width - 1300 mm). The machine is equipped with three...

Concept Convertible Motorcycle

GRYPH-ONE it’s a motorcycle the size of half a car that converts into a covered one. It provides the maneuverability of a motorcycle while protecting the rider from the elements. It’s a self-powered motorcycle where its kinetics energy is powered by multiple actuators.It's a full body convertible motorcycle that makes use of multiple actuators to convert between a normal open air motorcycle to...

Car-transformer that can go around the cork

Large cities and traffic jams are not inseparable. But avtomeltsy from America found a way out by creating Car-transformer, which is able to go around traffic jams.Meet: a new car that can drive over other cars!The creative studio Thinkmodo has developed a unique SUV model, which is a modified version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. A novelty called Hum Rider easily overcomes traffic jams, just liftin...