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Aerial photography

I really like the actual cosmic elegance within design, nearly just like a star or even whimsical flower. The concept of aerial photography is not really innovative, however the concept of the actual Sky View Camera definitely is actually. People are intrigued with photos of these from above, therefore one of these simple days the digital concepts camera will discover light. Details tend to be ske...

Concept Candid Camera Sling Shot!

Very funny and unexpected hidden camera! She finds you by surprise and make your photo in the most cheerful and not very pleasant circumstances. The camera works like a slingshot. Shot, flash and all smiles. The hunt for the most curious pictures! Very interesting and fun!  (more…)

Concept camera Stella!

Astronomy - this is a very interesting science! But when this science should be studied in school, no desire and interest in it. But children need to look with admiration at the sky and see the wonders there. One way to do this is with the Stella, a concept camera plus projector combo. On a starry night you simply capture the mesmerizing skies and the project it to your bedroom ceiling. Awesome wa...