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Concept of Phone Bracelet ZTE Nubia Alpha

ZTE's sub-brand nubia has showcased a smart bracelet with a curved screen that's so big,that  you can easily say that it's a smartphone on your wrist.Concept is a smartphone you wear like a bracelet. Phone Bracelet has a flexible display that wraps around a portion of the wristband, giving you plenty of space to interact with apps, contacts, and other menu items.It’s unclear, when the nubia...

Concept Fitness Bracelet Phone

Rendered by Roro Liu after 2 days of work, this project also involved designer Yuchen Pei. The interface seems taken from an iOS model and the Red Bull Can Phone comes with wireless charging, as well as bone conduction technology. It’s all shaped like a cut out cylinder, or a bracelet that wraps around your wrist, providing all the fitness info one may need.A pulse sensor should also be included...