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BlackBerry ACCESS Concept Phone

Here is the new concept of the BlackBerry ACCESS phone using physical buttons. This is the last concept phone presented by designer Mladen Milic.Designed by Mladen Milic, the smartphone features a physical QWERTY keyboard underneath the screen along with adjacent touchpads to allow the device to function in a multitude of different orientations. This sliding design is part of a larger movement tow...

BlackBerry Edge One Concept

In contrast to what BlackBerry has been able to offer so far, this concept called Edge One comes at the right time. It totally reinvents the smartphone range of the Canadian firm.BlackBerry has been rather quiet since the release of its KEYone a few months ago. One of designer used his imagination to create the BlackBerry Edge One. A concept that has nothing to do with what we have experienced at ...

Concept New BlackBerry With Physical Keyboard

Designer has imagined a new BlackBerry with physical keyboard. Idea is to use a hidden QWERTY along with a virtual keyboard that’s present usually on touchscreen handsets. The device also comes with a secondary hidden “lens”, that provides access to special photo features. This BlackBerry concept also involves a metal and carbon fiber case and a special area that covers the lenses involved w...

Concept cellphone cloud BlackBerry !

  Eco-friendly mobile phone concept powered by liquid fuel cells. Cellphones connecting people with each other have already turned the world into a global village. (more…)