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Concept Driving Jewelry, fashion accessory on wheels

When a person wants to demonstrate to others status, than he differs from them, sometimes he chooses for this all kinds of accessories premium. Such accessories lot,including this may be a mobile phone or a smart watch. In new concept Driving Jewelry the fashionable status accessories becomes personal vehicle.As you might guess from the name, the designer has decided to turn the car into a kind pi...

Concept Scorpion Excavator

Backhoe loader JCB  will continue to develop,concept has much to offer. This is an incredibly the important machine, and in the next few years backhoe loader will be actively developed as a powerful item with variety the equipment. Scorpion Concept Excavator is innovative a design proposal for year of 2073.In 2073, we need a new breed of earth moving machinery. Inspired by scorpion, an indust...

Universal SUV future

Designer by special imagines SUV future. The highlight of the concept is the universal chassis, allowing the car to feel as good on a flat canvas the city and off-road.For wheel provided 2 pairs of tires and suspension to work in a pair of options . And if the first have minimum clearance, and on wheels racing  protectors, the second embodiment of the suspension raised to its maximum height ....