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Futuristic Concept Car by Toyota’s with artificial intelligence


Toyota has introduced a new concept called Concept-i. The car has received an unusual design, which was engaged in the development studio Calty Design Research Toyota.Powered by an artificial intelligence (AI) agent nicknamed “Yui,” the car learns about the driver, monitoring everything from their schedule and driving patterns to their responsiveness and emotions. Communication between Yui and...

Concept Vultran Aventi Superbike


Aventi - electric superbike concept, which combines the modern and future technology. Designer came up with a lightweight, aerodynamic and luxurious design.Features Vultran Aventi:- Racing overalls with LEDs- Ultra-light carbon-fiber body kit- 600-hp electric motor- S.R.A.B. technology (Steady Roll Auto Balancing)- Lithium-ion batteries- Fiber optic cables for fast data transfer between systems- D...

Concept car for the adrenaline-dependent travelers


Combining project design works of Clara Fassler, Benjamin Loyngera, Luis Meixner and Jean-Marc Ephraim has allowed to be born concept car BMW XBase, intended exclusively for customers who value a comfortable ride with all the sports equipment, which is sure to come in handy on a long journey or a rustic pastime.  Inside the four local car very free, and seats are available according to the la...

Concept motorcycle with artificial intelligence


The famous Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Kawasaki shared with the public the plans for the future. These plans include the creation of a voice assistant with artificial intelligence, which will interact with the rider and the motorcycle itself. Simply put, to create a motorcycle with personality.With the help of technology, which is developing a team of Cocoro SB corp., The Kawasaki motorcycles...

Apple Car Concept Version from 2076


This design proposal for the Apple car makes your idea of a motor vehicle obsolete; Just like the American tech company did with the 3.5 mm jack in their latest iPhone - or the buttons in the original.A designer from Istanbul foresees that Apple would move towards sharper edges in the year 2026 and iterate one the aesthetic after that. Ali’s Apple car has a swindling simplicity. The car’s prof...

Concept the first 3D printed the unmanned car WiGo


The exhibition GITEX-2016 in Dubai the company DigiRobotics introduced the first 3D-printed autonomous car WIGO, which is fully designed, printed, assembled and programmed by experts from the United Arab Emirates, and the company is extremely proud of these circumstances.Inside WiGo has four seats, large screen and four IPad, through which passengers could point to a destination, and then have fun...

Futuristic concept car Audi with an unusual companion


Automakers to please their fans, do not forget to let the related products, such as caps, T-shirts, jackets, key rings, accessories for cars, and other things, which adorns the logo of the company. Designer took into account this fact and developed a vision of the future of racing cars in the project Audi Future Le Mans Vision. For concept car made designer shoes,as by Tony Stark and by repeating ...

The prototype of motorcycle of the future from BMW


On the centenary of his birthday carmaker BMW has created a prototype of the motorcycle of the future. Moreover, according to engineers, it is not just a conceptual model,the task which show at auto shows, their creation is nothing more than a look at the development of the motorcycle industry in the next hundred years.In the futuristic design Motorrad Vision Next 100 lies a triangular base, which...

Concept 2030 Pagani Ganador


It presents a concept car with wind turbines in the wheels“Pagani on Le Mans!” And a cars,which involved in these races - can becoming a marker of development of those or other technologies, the quality of the engine oil and gasoline, convenience salons, wear resistance of advanced materials in the construction of cars and buses. On the following race a designer Igor Zhukovsky offered his own ...

Electric bike with a range of 240 kilometers of travel


Subsidiary Greyp Bikes, the Croatian Rimac Automobili has declared that it is ready to launch a new electric bike G12H, which is able to travel on a single charge of 240 kilometers. Electric bike equipped with a battery capacity of 3 kW * h and can accelerate to 45 km / h, but other characteristics of transport has not yet been disclosed. There are suggestions that the new product is designed on t...