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Concept Alfa Romeo C18

Automotive designer recently took the time to render how a futuristic Alfa Romeo sports car would look like. In keeping with Alfa Romeo’s long history of keeping style at the heart of every car it produces, designer designed the Alfa Romeo C18 Concept.This cool sportscar features sensual and elegant forms with combination of “muscle” to create a unique body. The concept design includes LED h...

Concept Convertible Motorcycle

GRYPH-ONE it’s a motorcycle the size of half a car that converts into a covered one. It provides the maneuverability of a motorcycle while protecting the rider from the elements. It’s a self-powered motorcycle where its kinetics energy is powered by multiple actuators.It's a full body convertible motorcycle that makes use of multiple actuators to convert between a normal open air motorcycle to...

Concept Car Mazda FRX

Already for over 30 years, Mazda has produced one of the best sports cars on the planet - the MX-5. Despite a very old recipe, Mazda has never deviated from the philosophy of the original, retaining the rear-wheel drive, a convertible roof, a small motor and two seats.Holding it in my head, car designer Stefano Iroldy decided to imagine what a single Mazda sports car might look like, aimed at figh...