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Concept new unmanned electric vehicle

Like many automakers, Smart has planned a full transition to electric motors. Therefore, in the future, we expect more economical electric mini-cars, that cut across the roads of megacities. Following the general trend, the company intends to release in the series a completely autonomous model in which even "just in case" there will be no physical controls. They will be replaced by voice control a...

Concept a van with artificial intelligence

British students of the Academy of Robotics have developed a van that is equipped with artificial intelligence. Construction of the first sample is already coming to an end. According to information, in the near future the first copies of these vehicles will be able to access public roads. According to the calculations of the manufacturer, with the help of such a van can be several times reduce th...

Artificial intelligence and the future of mankind

The rapid development of technologies close to artificial intelligence, observed right now, will lead to the fact that AI will surpass the man in almost all spheres of activity already by 2060 - believe the staff of the Institute of the Future of Humanity, existing at Oxford University. British scientists are in agreement with their American colleagues - researchers from Yale University.AI already...